Review ~ Love Struck by Laurelin McGee

LoveStruckBook: Love Struck

Series: Miss Match #2

Author: Laurelin McGee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 336

Published: St. Martin’s, February 2, 2016

Source: Publisher

Lacy Dawson is a young singer-songwriter with a record deal, a studio gig, and a serious case of writer’s block. After looking for love songs in all the wrong places, she finds inspiration at an online support group called Song Writers Anonymous. Thanks to one mysterious member who motivates her and inspires her, Lacy’s career is back on track. But is she ready to meet her sexy musical muse…face to face?

Eli is definitely interested in hooking up with Lacy, aka “LoveCoda.” But between writing her new album and his band’s success, they can’t find the time to face the music-or each other-about their burgeoning online romance. All that changes when Eli and Lucy get booked on tour together. In person, the attraction is all too real and explosive. They both should walk away, but once they are in each other’s arms, there is no turning back…



Ever heard of the movie You’ve Got Mail, with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? It was a sweet movie. Kinda was the definition of romance when I was younger. Well, this book followed the same idea, only it was sexier, funnier,  sweeter, definitely more romantic, with the same level of emotional, and of course, with a happy ending.

Having had my share of internet romanticism-in my youth, mind you, nowadays I’m strictly more adult in the virtual world- and my own kind of blockage, I loved the premise of this story. It took me back, no matter how much more we’re involved with internet these days. I was almost immediately smitten with the idea of people with the same passion coming together on a platform to share everything about it. I do the same with books, while Eli and Lacey had their music. And music was the basis of their story. It made me happy that since they were both musicians, their passion wasn’t pushed aside once their romance began. Music was in a supporting role, like a best friend who played matchmaker.

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Blog Tour ~ Miss Match by Laurelin McGee ~ Review & Excerpt

MissMatchBook: Miss Match

Author: Laurelin McGee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 30th, 2015

Blackballed from her corporate career, Andrea Grayson’s luck at finding suitable employment has run out. Until her sister secretly arranges an interview for Andy with business mogul, Blake Donovan. The job? Find him a wife. It’s a despicable position, but she can’t turn down the opportunity. It’s the only one she has.

Blake Donovan is rich, successful, and too damn busy to find a suitable wife. He knows Andrea Grayson possesses the skills necessary for the task of matchmaker, even though her sass, confidence, and ambition represent everything he doesn’t want in a woman. Yet, as they work together the smoldering attraction he feels for her can’t be denied.




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