Review ~ Spawn Of Medusa by Mary Bernsen

SpawnOfMedusaBook: Spawn of Medusa

Series: Villain’s Love #1

Author: Mary Bernsen

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Greek Mythology

Format: e-book

Page Count: 183

Published: Etopia Press, July 4, 2014

Source: Publisher

Passion doesn’t always follow the rules of fate…

Raised by the Fates, Ambrosia, the daughter of Medusa, has spent her life preparing for the day when she would fulfill her destiny and avenge her mother’s murder. But when a man comes forward claiming to be the spawn of Medusa, Ambrosia’s plan becomes a lot more complicated.

Working as a prostitute, she finds Perseus, the man who took her mother’s head. Not realizing who she is, he tells Ambrosia that Medusa is still alive and that he’s on a quest to finish what he started twenty-three years ago. Needing to find the mother she’s never met, Ambrosia convinces Perseus to let her help, and together they discover the secrets that will unseal the cave that has kept her mother captive. But Perseus proves to be different than the monster Ambrosia has always envisioned him to be, and she finds herself needing him, craving his touch. But how can the daughter of Medusa love the man who made her an orphan for twenty-three years, and who kept her from the mother she never met?



I am really torn up about what to rate this book. In fact, I’m going to make my decision as I write this review and see what it feels like in the end.
I like reading about Greek mythology. I like how the possibilities are endless when you write a story that’s based on myth, and some authors really do come up with some original ideas. Not only they tweak what happened, but they also play around with the characters and create many more different versions and you get to take your pick. This was such a book. The story revolves around Ambrosia, daughter of the infamous Medusa, and Perseus, the famous hero who defeated and beheaded Medusa. But of course this story is not this generalization. In fact, Ambrosia is a prostitute, finding it the best way to gather information about her mother’s killer in order to return the favor one day.

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