Review ~ The Neighbor by Bernadette Chapman

TheNeighborBook: The Neighbor


Author: Bernadette Chapman

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 61

Published: Less Than Three Press, November 4, 2015

Source: Publisher

Anders like his life the way it is: quiet, ordered, neat. If that gets him called antisocial, well, it also gets him left alone and that’s the way he likes it.

Then a new neighbor, Finch, moves in and he is everything Anders hates. He’s nosy, over-friendly, and doesn’t know when to quit. He’s also cute and infuriatingly charismatic. Which is the only possible explanation for the way Anders keeps putting up with Finch and his crazy ideas, like training for a wife-carrying contest, instead of telling him to go away once and for all the way he should.



It was difficult writing a review for this one. Not only was the story so short that there was no room for details at all, but also I think the author could’ve used her existing number of pages a bit better to give us a chance to get to know the characters more.

THE NEIGHBOR was a short story of two very different people who are neighbors-duh- who I suppose will form some sort of romantic entanglement in the end. While Anders was a control freak with what I assume is an obsessive compulsive disorder, Finch, his new neighbor, was an outgoing, careless-and sometimes a bit thoughtless- person who didn’t know and care much about personal space.

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