Review ~ My Stepbrother The Groom by Lexi Maxxwell

MyStepbrotherTheGroomBook: My Stepbrother The Groom


Author: Lexi Maxxwell

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 264

Published: Sterling & Stone, March 23, 2015

Source: Publisher

He’d be perfect if he wasn’t getting married … and if he wasn’t about to become her stepbrother. Romantic humor has never been so deliciously tempting. It’s been a rough day for Ella Roberts.

First, her social-climbing mother Valerie dragged her to yet another wedding — something that always reminds Ella that real life offers few happily-ever-afters.

Second, Valerie’s goal isn’t to have fun at the event, but to schmooze clients for the family wedding business that Ella’s hated forever.

And third (after too much wine, and being mocked by her black sheep sister for “letting Mom bind you with her bitch chains”), Ella gets a text from her latest disposable boyfriend, Chase: NOT WORKING OUT. SORRY. I HAVE YOUR GYM SHOES.

But things are finally looking up. The handsome, charming, successful man Ella meets at the bar fills her with flutters and makes everything better. Gazing into Nathan Hayes’s kind blue eyes, Ella can almost believe that love at first sight is true after all.

It’s too bad that in just two months, Ella’s mother will be marrying Nathan’s father … in a double wedding with Nathan and his fiancee Natasha.

She should run from her feelings for Nathan. She should back away and find a new mediocre man to amuse her. But Ella’s been unlucky in love too many times to ignore what she feels … and so for Ella, “taboo” turns to “game on” instead.



I know this book is shelved as a romantic comedy, but unfortunately for me, it was neither romantic nor a comedy. Sure, I laughed a few times at the very beginning, to a few inner monologues of Ella, but that was the extent of the comedy. She quickly became too childish and too immature, and too odd to relate to her in any way.

I like this kind of lightly taboo stories. Nothing between actual family members, but stepsomethings via marriage or other. They provide a healthy relationship with just enough of delightful sexual chemistry and charge. But did I get that in this book? Not at all. I’m really sorry to say that from its cover to its plot I had high hopes for this book, but the characters turned out to be extremely disappointing, the plot the weakest I’ve ever seen, and the ending, unfortunately, was something I looked forward to while reading for those exact same reasons.

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