Review ~ Married for Christmas by Noelle Adams

MarriedforChristmasBook: Married for Christmas


Author: Noelle Adams

Format: e-book

Page Count: 205

Published: December 1st, 2013

Source: Publisher


It seems like I’m on a course of novellas these days. The last three books I’ve read were either novellas or short stories which was nice, they made me realize it doesn’t matter whether a story is three hundred pages long or just fifty or so, what matters is the plot and how the author chooses to tell it. And here I am, having read yet another novella, about two people who are lonely and trying to secure a place in each other.

Jessica is a woman alone. She works from home, though what she does I can’t remember. She’s got a mother who’s suffering from what I think is Alzheimer’s, and she’s not exactly the social type. She longs for a family, children, but luck has never been on her side and for a while now she’s been in love with her long time best friend, Daniel. Daniel is a pastor in a local church. He wants to transfer to their hometown but his acceptance of this new position depends on him being married. He’s a widower of two years, and having loved his wife a great deal, has never seen Jessica as anything other than his friend. So it comes as a great surprise to him when Jessica proposes a deal that would benefit them both. They should get married, so Jessica could have the family she dreamed, and Daniel could have the job he’d always wanted. A win-win situation, yes? Not exactly.

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