Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Hot Shot by Lynn Raye Harris

HotShotBook: Hot Shot

Series: Hostile Operations Team #5

Author: Lynn Raye Harris

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: June 30, 2014

Cool under pressure… Until now.

Hostile Operations Team sniper Jack “Hawk” Hunter is cool, methodical, and utterly lethal. Nothing rattles Jack’s calm. But that was before he learned he fathered a child three years ago–a child who has just been kidnapped.

Gina Domenico is a superstar, a pop sensation with a string of hit records. But deep inside, she’s still the lonely girl she’s always been. When Jack saved her from an arms dealer, they spent three unforgettable days together waiting for rescue–and Gina fell hard for the sexy soldier before he walked away forever.

But now she needs his help and she’ll do anything to get it. Though Jack can never forgive Gina for keeping his child from him, he’ll do everything in his power–and HOT’s–to bring their son home safely.

Nothing is what it seems, however, and their fates hang in the balance as someone else pulls the strings…and brings them ever closer to an explosive confrontation that could either save their son–or cost them everything.



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Cover Reveal & Giveaway ~ Tempting The Player by Kat Latham

TemptingThePlayerBook: Tempting The Player

Series: London Legends #3

Author: Kat Latham

Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance

Release Date: November 10, 2014

Publisher: Carina Press


Best friends make the best lovers.

Libby Hart and Matt Ogden are perfect for each other—as friends. They’ve known each other for ages. They act as each other’s plus-ones. They even share custody of a dog. And if there’s always been a little spark between them, so what? It’s never been worth jeopardizing their friendship.

Professional rugby player Matt is fighting for a starter position with the London Legends—and that’s not the only thing he’s fighting. A crippling fear of flying means he’s struggling to get his career off the ground. He has no time for a relationship, even if Libby does make him ache. As an airline pilot, Libby’s looking for a stay-at-home husband so she can have a family without sacrificing her high-flying career. Matt’s certainly not that man.

But just because they don’t have a future together doesn’t mean they can’t have a right now. When Matt asks Libby for help overcoming his fear, they agree to take a vacation from their platonic relationship—whenever they fly together, they can have sex. It’s the perfect way to resolve all that built-up tension. As long as they can avoid getting a little too comfortable…

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Review ~ Melting Into You by Tracey Alvarez

MeltingIntoYouBook:Melting Into You

Series:Due South #2

Author: Tracey Alvarez

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 291

Published:Icon Publishing, June 8, 2014

Source: Publisher

Big, sexy men who don’t relate well to kids need not apply…

Kezia Murphy plays her widow card well. When you don’t trust people not to let you down, it’s easier to not get involved—and getting involved with a man who makes her skin sizzle just by looking at him would be una pazzia—crazy! Four years ago while Kezia’s daughter, Zoe, battled leukaemia, a tragic accident stole her husband’s life. Starting over in the little town of Oban where she’s adopted into the close knit community on Stewart Island, Kezia and her daughter are all the family the other needs. Except Zoe yearns for more.

New Zealand’s worst candidate for instant fatherhood…

Ben doesn’t do gooey emotional stuff. He doesn’t do cosy home and family. And he sure isn’t the big teddy-bear Kezia Murphy, the woman he secretly fantasises about, thinks he is. So when Jade, his surprise eight-year-old daughter arrives on his doorstep, he’s a D-minus student struggling to pass a crash-course in parenting.

They’ll either melt or raze their lives to the ground…

When the sparks of attraction between Kezia and Ben fan into an inferno, Ben doesn’t know how much longer the layers of resistance around his heart can resist melting into the gooey mess he fears. The more he fights it the harder it is to make the choice that will destroy the family he now longs to claim.


Have you ever had a one night stand with a tourist passing by the small town you live in, moved on with your life, and just when you’re doing okay have her knock on your door to drop the child you didn’t know you had in your hands and leave? No? Well, can’t say the same for Ben Harland, Due South resident brooding ‘teddy bear’ of a guy.
Having already met Ben in the previous book, we already knew he’s got the hots for teacher Kezia Murphy, she of the single mom. I might’ve mentioned this a few hundred times or so, but stories involving children, they’re an instant case of smitten for me. So I was very excited to start this book and see how Ben, what with him being a man of a few words and a grouchy manner, would cope with a surprise the size of a nuclear explosion. Well, nuclear family variety anyway. Not only has he got to deal with his feelings for Kezia and her daughter, but he has to deal with responsibilities of taking care of a child too. A child that he had no idea he fathered, a child that he already missed a lot with, not to mention the fact that Ben lives the life of a single man, not single dad.
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Review ~ The Troublemaker Next Door by Marie Harte

TroublemakerNextDoorBook:The Troublemaker Next Door

Series: The McCauley Brothers #1

Author: Marie Harte

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 352

Published: Sourcebooks Casablanca, June 3, 2014


He can fix her sink, but can he wrench his way into her heart?

Flynn McCauley never thought he’d be so cliché as to fall for the girl next door. But when Maddie calls him over to help fix her faulty sink, he’s a goner. Too bad the fiercely independent interior designer wants nothing to do with him. Even worse, he’s forced to rely on the advice of his nosy brothers—and his five-year-old nephew!—to figure out how to make her give him a shot.



And here I am, adding yet another series to my ‘follow the hell up’ pile. I’d say this has got to stop, but it shouldn’t, instead, I should be given another lifetime to read all these books.
Troublemaker Next Door is the first book of the McCauley brothers series, and a damn good start. We meet Flynn, your friendly neighborhood plumber, charming the pants off Maddie, a somewhat workaholic who’s hell bent on never needing anyone.

I was completely set on neutral when starting this book, but right on its first page, it got me laughing and tipped the scales and, well, I was hooked. The relationship Flynn had with his brothers and his nephew was genuinely funny. I enjoyed reading the easy banter between him and his family. He was the kind of easygoing character that I enjoy greatly in contemporary stories. He was funny, serious if need be, laid back, sexy and so, so thoughtful and caring. And he was kinky too. I mean, the guy could talk dirty and play out a nice little pretend game, bend you over the couch or the dresser, have hot phone sex, and let you tie him up. Anything more you need from your romance hero?
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