Review ~ Chasing The Runaway Bride by Susan Meier

ChasingTheRunawayBrideBook: Chasing The Runaway Bride

Series: The Donovan Brothers #2

Author: Susan Meier

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-ARC

Page Count: 265

Published: Entangled: Bliss, November 17, 2014

Source: Publisher

From cold feet to hot-blooded…

Former Marine and current rancher Cade Donovan left his hometown looking for a fresh start. But then Cade inherits the grocery store that his grandfather won from the O’Riley family in a poker game more than thirty years ago. The same store that caused a bitter feud between the two families. And worse still, Cade has to return home to confront his past—and share his inheritance with the enemy…the all-grown-up and sinfully tempting Piper O’Riley.

After ditching two fiancés at the altar, Piper has a reputation for being the town’s runaway bride. The irony is, Piper is woefully inexperienced when it comes to real, true physical attraction. And working with Cade is torture. The kind that can keep a girl up all night imagining naughty, delicious things. Things that Cade is more than happy to show her…

It’s all fun and sexy games…until the truth of why Cade left town comes out.


As much as I loved the first book, and as much as I wanted to love this one, unfortunately I can’t say that it impressed me. I’m a big fan of bickering love. I love the tension that it builds, later that tension leading to passion and finally to reluctant love. I’m sad to say this, but I saw none of that in this book.

Cade is a Marine-turned-rancher who comes back to his hometown to take care of business after his grandfather’s death. He avoids his hometown like the plague because that’s where his abusive father lives-though his father had been dealt with in the previous book and now everyone knows what kind of scumbag he is- and also because he’s left a pregnant woman at the altar and the whole town seems like they shunned him. Piper is a long time resident, but she has her own reasons for avoiding people, mainly because she’s already left two men at the altar herself, and now dubbed as the ‘Runaway Bride’ of town. Add to that the feud between their families and the gossip mill, and you’ve got the whole story.

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Review ~ Her Summer With The Marine by Susan Meier


Book: Her Summer With The Marine

Series: The Donovan Brothers #1

Author: Susan Meier

Format: e-book

Page Count: 266

Published: Entangled: Bliss, March 10, 2014

Source: Publisher


Their competition has never been so irresistible

The last person Ellie McDermott wanted to run into after returning to her hometown is Finn Donovan, her high school nemesis and the guy she crossed the line from enemies to lovers with one night years ago. Now ex-military, tattooed, and still sexy as hell, Finn is a complication Ellie doesn’t need—she needs to concentrate on saving her family business.

Finn’s entire life, Ellie was there, going head-to-head with him in every class, bee, and test. So it’s no surprise she’d show up just as he was about to take over her father’s struggling business. It is a surprise, though, that his attraction to her is even more explosive than it had been. Acting on their attraction is one thing, but Finn has to turn a profit to save his own family, and nothing—not even love—will get in his way.


I don’t know where I’ve heard it, I’m not even sure of the complete story, but I remember one day, decades ago when I was in high school, about a guy talking about his dead girlfriend with whom he’d been rivals at school. I remember him telling they competed in about every single subject, always comparing their grades after they were announced to see who got the higher score, trying to beat each other in tests and exams. And then some day this rivalry turning into a challenging love. I don’t remember what happened to her, or if the guy even said it, but I remember him mentioning her dying, and how much he missed her and their competition. It put a lump in my throat back then and somehow I kept it at the back of my mind to this day, but reading this book it brought that small tidbit back. It still puts a lump in my throat, and if it was real, I dedicate this reading experience to that guy and his girlfriend.

I love bickering love stories. I might’ve said this a few times before, but let me say it again. They’re my absolute favorite along with friends-to-lovers plot. So naturally I fell in love with this story. Maybe because it reminded me of that memory, maybe because it was about one my favorite story lines, but I did. I did love this book. Of course the reasons are not solely these two, the fact that the characters were so likable and relatable, and the painful personal backstories and struggles of both the hero and the heroine, the situations that anyone can find themselves in real life any minute, they all add to the book’s appeal. I was so immersed in the story and the characters that I couldn’t even find the time to post updates about my reading progress. After every necessary break I took-a girl’s gotta eat after all- I came rushing back to Finn and Ellie. As individuals, they were strong, tough as nails characters that I’d be more than happy to get to know, and as a couple they were sweet and sexy. I loved Ellie’s solitary persona who secretly-and yet unknowingly- longed for companionship, and Finn’s skepticism towards love, marriage and commitment, and how, when he needed to take a step back and view things in a new light, he was able to step up and do it. As much as he was afraid of true, deep emotion, he wasn’t a coward when it came to accepting things. And anyway, Ellie was there to keep him on his toes, to show him the right way. All throughout the book, they had such a good balance, of love, of friendship, of rivalry, that I couldn’t help but be a tiny bit envious.
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