Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

MagicBitesBook: Magic Bites

Series: Kate Daniels #1

Author: Ilona Andrews

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 260

Published: Gollanz, 2010

Source: Local Library


Finally, I had a chance to meet Kate. It was a long time coming too, friends couldn’t recommend her enough, and I always welcome a chance to meet a kickass heroine.

I’m fairly new to the urban fantasy genre, but with the good choices I picked up lately, I think this is going to go among my favorites. Reading a different couple every book is fun and keeps me excited with expectations, but to have one person and go through their life with them, not knowing what new adventures await them is also quite fun. And it also keeps me on edge.

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Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes

KidnappedCowboyBook: Kidnapped Cowboy


Author: Lindsey Brookes

Format: e-book

Page Count: 380

Published: Toot Suite, 2013

Source: Publisher


Had I known kidnapping a cowboy was this easy, let me tell you, I would’ve been on my way to do just that a long time ago.

Caitlin Meyers is in charge of running a retreat for troubled teens, which is in danger of being closed down by the town’s rich guy Brandon ‘The Ogre’ Barnes. Brandon is the owner of the retreat and he wants to turn it into a resort for the rich ones like him and add more to his finances. In order to speak to him and change his mind, Caitlin decides to kidnap him in the middle of a snowstorm but ends up with taking hostage the wrong guy, Dalton Barnes, The Ogre’s rodeo riding, easygoing, commitment phobic brother.

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Play Me by Diane Alberts

PlayMeBook: Play Me

Series: Take a Chance #3

Author: Diane Alberts

Format: e-book

Page Count: 141

Published: Entangled Ever After, 2013

Source: Publisher


I really wanted to love this book. Not only was the cover very appealing that I still find myself ogling it whenever I open the book’s page, but the plot was also very promising.

A friends to lovers story between Garrett and Kiersten who’ve known each other since high school. Garrett is now the middle school basketball coach to Kiersten’s young nephew, and pretending he isn’t lusting after her, while Kiersten keeps him strictly friend-zoned while she’s recovering from a bad break up where her fiancee cheated on her. Their dynamic has a drastic change, however, when Kiersten decides she’s had enough of being single and what intended as a one night stand turns into a lifelong responsibility.

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The Winning Season by Alison Packard

The Winning SeasonBook: The Winning Season

Series: –

Author: Alison Packard

Format: e-book

Page Count: 241

Published: Carina Press, 2013

Source: Publisher


How different this book turned out to be than what I expected, not that it was anything bad, but what I did expect, was a light romance with a little bit of sports for seasoning. What I got, however, was a lovely romance that involved characters who had to deal with their personal demons, characters I was able to connect with.

Kelly Maxwell is the publicist for the San Francisco Blaze baseball team, and it is her job to arrange and deal with everything media related for the team. She loves her job, she handles things pretty good, but all that happy soon meets the wall that is Matt Scanlon. Matt is the new catcher, transferred to the Blaze after a year he spent in ruining his reputation, he now wants nothing but playing his game, especially no more media relations, and it’s up to Kelly to get him to open up.

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