Review ~ Recipe For Love by Dyann Love Barr

RecipeForLoveBook: Recipe For Love


Author: Dyann Love Barr

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-ARC

Page Count: 334

Published: Entangled Publishing, November 19, 2014

Source: Publisher

Eat. Love. Murder.

Sparks and insults fly when Celebrity Chef Tilly Danes matches wits with the annoyingly sexy Jordan Kelly. As members of the judging panel for the Culinary Channel’s Personal Chef Showdown, they agree on only one thing:  Maxwell Etheridge, the third judge on their panel is an arrogant pain in the butt. Neither one would mind seeing him strung up like a ham hock. When their nemesis shows up not only dead but also missing an important body part, Tilly and Jordan are thrust smack in the middle of TV’s most shocking homicide…

Everyone is a suspect: the show’s host, the contestants, and even the victim’s lover. When Tilly and Jordan are pulled deeper into the investigation, those pesky sparks of antagonism transform into undeniable, incredibly inconvenient, red-hot attraction. And if they thought the sparks were hot while fighting, the heat between the sheets is an inferno. As the bodies start piling up, Tilly and Jordan must find the killer—and a recipe for love—before they become the murderer’s next course!


As sister of a gastronomy graduate and a lover of murder mystery, I had to read this book. Not only the cover looks delicious, but the idea of two chefs trying to solve a murder was most compelling.
Restaurant owners, celebrity chefs Jordan Kelly and Tilly Danes are called to be judges for a cooking competition. They’ve known-and competed with- each other for years, so by the time we’re involved in the story, they already had a relationship albeit a contentious one. Things get more complicated when the third and final judge on their panel is killed and the evidence suggests that someone from the inside is responsible.

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