Review ~ Haunted Halls by M. Raiya


Book: Haunted Halls


Author: M. Raiya

Format: e-book

Page Count: 57

Published: Less Than Three Press LLC, May 7th, 2014

Source: Publisher


College should be a blast for Evan: Same state where he grew up, just a few hours from home, tuition is free, and there’s nothing but new experiences and opportunity in front of him. All he feels is homesick, alone, and adrift. Whatever thrills his roommates eludes Evan.

He is distracted from his misery by Gabriel, who seems to come and go in the blink of eye. But he’s beautiful, confident, proud—everything Evan is not. Most of all, he’s a mystery, and one that Evan is determined to solve …


This was a short fun read. I’ve always had a thing for ghost stories. Even the word ‘ghost’ is so mysterious and intriguing. So it was no wonder I wanted to read it, and it delivered what it intended, a fun quick read of romance between a loved yet lonely living boy, and a long ago dead ghost of a gentlemanly young man. I liked the main character, Evan, immediately. He was a college freshman and he represented one side of what we all felt at that age and stage of our lives. First time away from his home, he felt a sort of loneliness that only time, and a few good friends you can find, could help him overcome.
The good looking mysterious ghost, Gabriel, I also liked. He was a true gentleman, a ghost I wouldn’t kick out of my house. He was kind, gentle, very considerate of Evan and other living people.
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Review ~ External Forces by Deborah Rix


Book: External Forces

Series: The Laws of Motion #1

Author: Deborah Rix

Format: e-book

Page Count: 268

Published: Dime Store Books, November 16, 2013

Source: Publisher


It’s 100 years since the Genetic Integrity Act was passed and America closed its borders to prevent genetic contamination. Now only the enemy, dysgenic Deviants, remain beyond the heavily guarded border. The Department of Evolution carefully guides the creation of each generation and deviations from the divine plan are not permitted.

When 16-year-old Jess begins to show signs of deviance she enlists in the Special Forces, with her best friend Jay, in a desperate bid to evade detection by the Devotees. Jess is good with data, not so good with a knife. So when the handsome and secretive Sergeant Matt Anderson selects her for his Black Ops squad, Jess is determined to figure out why.

As her deviance continues to change her, Jess is forced to decide who to trust with her deadly secret. Jess needs to know what’s really out there, in the Deviant wasteland over the border, if she has any hope of making it to her 17th birthday. Because if the enemy doesn’t kill her first, the Department of Evolution probably will.


Although I have read several Young Adult titles, I can’t say they’re my forte in reader experience. But, the ones I’ve read were all good ones so I think I got lucky. With External Forces , I hit the jackpot again.

We’re far into the future where the people are considered either one of two options. The Devotees, genetically correct people whose lives and procreation is controlled by the Department of Evolution, and the Deviants, who are basically everyone else that’s left, the discarded ones because of their imperfect nature. 16 year old Jess starts her life as a Devotee but on the verge of deciding her future, she realizes she might be becoming a Deviant. With the pressure of the future, the fear of being discovered by the Department of Evolution, and the tumble into the world of Special Forces, Jess’ routine albeit dull life becomes a fight for survival.


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