Blog Tour ~ How To Lose A Highlander by Michelle McLean ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

Book: How To Lose A Highlander

Author: Michelle McLean

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: May 15, 2017

Forced into marriage by their king in order to stop years of inter-clan feuding, Sorcha Campbell and Malcolm MacGregor are each determined to drive the other away.

Malcolm knows he can never trust his new shrewish wife, despite the fact that everything he observes seems to prove that she’s not only trustworthy, but utterly perfect for him.

Sorcha knows she can never let her guard down around the man she believes betrayed her father, yet the longer she’s with him, the more she discovers he is nothing like she was led to believe.

They’ll have to fight their way through past prejudices and their own determination to destroy their union in order to gain their perfect HEA in this Taming of the Shrew meets How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days tale.

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Review ~ Romancing The Rogue by Erica Ridley

Book: Romancing The Rogue

Series: Passion & Promises #3

Author: Erica Ridley

Genre: Historical Romance

Format/Page Count: Kindle, 188

Published: WebMotion, March 21, 2017

Source: Publisher

When the new earl inherits, poor relation Miss Rebecca Bond must wed immediately or be out on her ear. The only man she’s ever loved is summoned to hear the will—but he already rejected her so soundly that they haven’t spoken in years. Yet who better than a rakish Viscount to teach her how to snare a gentleman who appreciates her charms?

Daniel Goodenham, Lord North-Barrows, regrets nothing more than the lost friendship with the one woman who treated him like a man, not a title. Fate has given him the perfect pretext to win her forgiveness—even if it means having to matchmake her to someone else. But now that she’s back in his life, he’ll do anything to convince her to choose him instead…

Since I really like the friends to lovers theme in my romances, this short story naturally caught my attention. I think it’s a challenging situation in historical romance, something I haven’t come across before. Usually the hero and the heroine meet while we read, and fall in love but in this story, the hero and the heroine have already met and even drifted apart by the time we start reading.

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Review ~ Noble Intentions by Katie MacAlister

NobleIntentionsBook:Noble Intentions

Series: Noble #1

Author: Katie MacAlister

Genre: Historical Romance, Humor

Format: e-book

Page Count:384

Published: Sourcebooks Casablanca, May 6, 2014

Source: Publisher

Take one infamous earl…

Noble Britton, Lord Weston, has come to London intending to revisit old friends, enjoy a modicum of society, and-oh, yes-find a mild, biddable wife.

Add an irrepressible American

Gillian Leigh’s Unfortunate Habit of speaking her mind and Shocking Susceptibility to Accidents have left her on the shelf at five-and-twenty. So why can’t Noble resist her?

And good intentions are bound to fail

When Gillian meets the infamous Black Earl, she knows that at last she’s found a man who can match her zest for life, even if that entails the occasional arson…or kidnapping. Not to mention the encounters with his former mistresses…

Although life with Gillian involves as much chaos as laughter, Noble fully intends to claim her for his own-if she doesn’t accidentally kill him first.


I really, really wanted to love this book. A historical hero seeking a new wife for himself, finds an accident prone young lady with a free spirit-unbeknownst to him, of course. See how easy it sounds to like this book? I thought so. Unfortunately, in the end, I found myself not being able to fully enjoy it.

Noble, for starters, wasn’t the kind of hero that left an impression on me, either good or bad. And that’s bad, because no matter what it is I feel, I’d rather feel something for the characters than being indifferent towards them. Even if I hate them, it’s still a reason to come back to read, but when I don’t feel anything for a character, there’s really nothing to tie me to the book. And unfortunately, Noble was such a character. I couldn’t sense his sexiness, his thoughtfulness, or his love throughout my reading, which meant that already half of the pair who should’ve attracted me failed to impress me.Read More »

Review ~ The Rake’s Redemption by Sherrill Bodine

TheRakesRedemptionBook: The Rake’s Redemption


Author: Sherrill Bodine

Format: e-book

Page Count: 177

Published: Diversion Books, December 1st, 2013

Source: Publisher


The Rake’s Redemption is a story about finding love for the second time, it is about facing your past and moving on to your future. I could say all this because it is about all those things, unfortunately though, it falls short in making me feel them. Those are just the conclusions I drew in the end of the story, like when I was in high school and we were required to read a book and give a brief summary about what it was talking about. I’d read the book, but then I wouldn’t exactly connect with it further than was necessary for my homework. It’s a shame though, because the storyline was promising and a particular subplot was most interesting.

Juliana Grenville is a widow, albeit a young one of twenty three. She’s met her husband when she was young and they enjoyed a very short marriage of one month before he perished at war six years ago. Now she passes her time taking care of her home and her brother, but in order to relieve her brother of the responsibility of caring for a young widowed sister, she wishes to marry another widower like herself, preferably with kids. So she plots to travel to London with her aunt. There she meets Dominic, Marquis of Aubrey, who’s a rake, but also somewhat of a mystery. He’s most definitely what she is not looking for in a husband, and yet the heart wants what it wants, and before they-and us- know it, they find themselves falling in love and facing their unique obstacles in order to end up happy together.

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Review~ To Capture a Rake by Lori Brighton

ToCaptureARakeBook: To Capture A Rake

Series: Seduction #2

Author: Lori Brighton

Format: e-book

Page Count: 302

Published: Montlake Romance, 2013

Source: Own Library


As much as I’ve set myself up for a tough challenge and a tight schedule in order to read this series from the first book, oh how glad I am I made my decision this way. Having read the two so far and with only the last one remaining, this was surely the right move, because the general plot is thickening and the puzzle pieces are coming together.
The second book of this rare gem of a series is about Gideon, the silent, strong, dominant mountain of a man who works at Lady Lavender’s, the pleasure house for women, and he’s hired out for two weeks to Elizabeth, the mysterious young widow who miraculously convinces Lady Lavender to this deed.

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