Book Review ~ Revenge of The Dolls by Carol Beach York

Book: Revenge of The Dolls

Author: Carol Beach York

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Childrens

Release: Dutton Books | January 1, 1979

Alice, Trissy and their cousin Paulie are visitors in the dark old house of Aunt Sarah and faded, middle-aged Cousin Grace. It’s a grim house, filled with shadows, and Aunt Sarah matches it — old, bitter, silent, wrapped up in the crude and ugly dolls she has devoted herself or making. They talked to her, she said.

The girls never dared to touch Aunt Sarah’s dolls, but Paulie was different. He threw one in the fire, as the other dolls watched with their glittering button eyes. Now Aunt Sarah was making another doll just like him. “It’s for Paulie,” she said.

A master of suspense and mood relates one of her most chilling tales in this story of three children and their brush with the madness of an evil old woman and the little dolls that do her bidding.



This was a short and creepy story. Not many horror elements other than beady eyed dolls that live in the same room with an old and probably senile lady who thinks hey watch everything and talk to her.

The story is told from the point of view of a young girl, the old lady’s grand niece, who is visiting with her mother and sister. Hers was a naive voice, as expected from a child. Her imagination is clearly taken after her great aunt, for she believes in the dolls’ watchful eyes and their silent gossip even though she insists otherwise to her younger sister.

This book could be enjoyed during a gloomy afternoon when you’re looking for something unsettling and eerie, instead of something outright horror. If the idea of a room full of crooked handmade dolls and an old and senile family member puts you at unease, then you might find yourself enjoying this read.

I’m adding three spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.


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