Book Review ~ Into The Fire by Sonia Orchard

Book: Into The Fire

Author: Sonia Orchard

Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery Thriller

Release: Affirm Press | January 29, 2019

A year after her best friend died in a house fire, Lara can’t come to terms with the loss. Logic says there was no more she could have done to save the mercurial and unhappy Alice, but Lara can’t escape the feeling that she is somehow to blame for the tragedy.

She spends a weekend at the rebuilt house with Alice’s charismatic widower, Crow, and his three young children. Rummaging through the remains of their shared past, Lara reveals a friendship with Alice that was as troubled as it was intense. But beneath the surface is a darker, more unsettling secret waiting to be exposed.

Through exquisite prose and searing insight, Into the Fire explores the many ways, small and large, we betray one another and our ideals. It’s a compelling story about power, guilt and womanhood from an outstanding voice in Australian fiction.


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started reading Sonia Orchard’s INTO THE FIRE, I mean, I expected a mystery that was gradually going to be revealed to me by one of the characters, but what I read was slightly different. For starters, if you’re expecting a fast paced story, this is not it. However drawn out it seems to be though, the slow burn helps build the relationship between the three key characters in the book. There’s Alice, the victim of a tragic house fire accident, and then there’s Crow, her enigmatic widower with their three children, and then, finally, there’s Lara, our storyteller. We experience the goings on in their lives through the eyes and memory of Lara, who has a sort of equal distance to each of the other people, despite the fact that Lara and Alice used to be the best of friends and we’re very close.

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