Review ~ The Other Girl by Erica Spindler

Book: The Other Girl


Author: Erica Spindler

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Format: Kindle

Published: St. Martin’s Press, August 22, 2017

Source: Publisher

A horrific crime. One witness—a fifteen year old girl from the wrong side of the tracks, one known for lying and her own brushes with the law.
Is it any surprise no one believed her?

Officer Miranda Rader of the Harmony, Louisiana PD is known for her honesty, integrity, and steady hand in a crisis—but that wasn’t always so. Miranda comes from the town of Jasper, a place about the size of a good spit on a hot day, and her side of the tracks was the wrong one. She’s worked hard to earn the respect of her coworkers and the community.

When Miranda and her partner are called to investigate the murder of one of the town’s most beloved college professors, they’re unprepared for the brutality of the scene. This murder is unlike any they’ve ever investigated, and just when Miranda thinks she’s seen the worst of it, she finds a piece of evidence that chills her to the core: a faded newspaper clipping about that terrible night fifteen years ago. The night she’d buried, along with her past and the girl she’d been back then. Until now that grave had stayed sealed…except for those times, in the deepest part of the night, when the nightmares came: of a crime no one believed happened and the screams of the girl they believed didn’t exist.

Then another man turns up dead, this one a retired cop. Not just any cop—the one who took her statement that night. Two murders, two very different men, two killings that on the surface had nothing in common—except Miranda.

THE OTHER GIRL had all the ingredients for a good crime thriller, starting with a heroine with a painful past that linked to the current case she was working on, and I hoped this was going to be a thrilling ride. Unfortunately though, what I got was a half hearted version of what I expected.

The story starts off, and revolves around, Miranda, a police officer who comes from the wrong side of the tracks and who’s been through something terrible fourteen years ago. While we get bits and pieces about that fateful night-the one that changed her life- we also experience the current case she works on. With every detail or so coming out, you’re left wondering who could be doing this, and whether Miranda is a reliable character and so on. So far so good? Yes, and no. While the plot was intriguing, the execution of it was not so good. Certainly not satisfying enough.

First of all, some of the things in this book, some of the dialogues didn’t make sense to me. They jumped off from one thing to another and I felt like I missed the punchline in most situations. Characters who were supposed to be seasoned police officers didn’t act like it, and this is not me expecting too much but just enough to make a connection with these people and believe what they’re trying to do. Not much added up in the story or character development. Then there was the romantic side the story had taken up with Miranda and her partner, and that was not at all necessary in the grand scheme of things. It neither added something to the plot nor did it make any sense. I thought it felt forced, it just wasn’t something that fit into this particular story.

This was a read that had what needed to make it good but failed when it came to executing it.

I’m adding three spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.



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