Review ~ Hold You Close by Jessica Linden

Book: Hold You Close

Series: Fight For Me #2

Author: Jessica Linden

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: Kindle

Published: St. Martin’s Press Swerve, July 25, 2017

Source: Publisher

Tony Adamo, billionaire heir to a massive corporation, has no interest in the money and prestige his title brings. What he does want? To stay sharp so the other MMA fighters don’t pummel him in the ring, and to keep his unworthy father from sullying the name of the company his grandfather so lovingly built. But when he locks eyes with the woman he’s never forgotten, Tony needs her like he’s never needed anything before.

Ginny Frazier hasn’t seen Tony since the soul-shattering kiss they shared years ago. Ginny was always the good girl, the kind girl—but something about the hot as hell man with a smile to die for that her older sister brought home made her melt in a way no one ever had before. Despite their scorching kiss the night of her cruel sister’s breakup with Tony, they never amounted to more. Until now.

Tony was stupid to let Ginny go, and now that she’s back in his life, he plans to hold onto her forever. The one problem? Ginny is engaged to a powerful, deadly man—a man who holds a dark secret that could shatter the Frazier family if it ever came to light.

Will Tony be able to keep from losing Ginny all over again? And can Ginny save her family, and still have true love?

Just like the first book of the series, HOLD YOU CLOSE tells the story of two people who have to fight for their happy ever after. Perhaps not as unusual and unrelated as the first couple-one of them was a rough MMA fighter while the other was pure society albeit pretty tough herself- Ginny and Tony still had their differences. 

As the head of the rich family business, by day Tony had a polished lifestyle but he was also an MMA fighter by night. And he did a pretty good job of juggling the two sides of his life. He was, as I expected, a millionaire with a rough exterior but a good heart. Not surprising perhaps, but enjoyable still. 

What I liked about Ginny the most though was the fact that she knew she made some rather questionable choices and when she snapped out of whatever silliness spell she was under, she was able to see how unreasonable and naive she’d been. I gotta be honest, sometimes heroines might just make excuses for the way they’d behaved and as the reader I let it slide because she’s the heroine and she finds the way in the end, but it was nice to read a heroine criticize herself for once before I could do it for her.

While the MMA part of the plot can’t be found much in the book, except for a few scenes where Tony used his skills to kick some ass, the action was still there. Just like the first book of the series, I felt like that action, the plot involving some shady business of the bad guy, took up more space than the romance. This was especially true for this story because Ginny and Tony had a prior acquaintance, so when they started their relationship, it was quick. They didn’t waste any time since they had their past in their corner. I could’ve used more details with their relationship though because there’s nothing like running away from, and trying to bring down a ruthless, powerful man to form a strong bond. 

I’m adding three spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.


Fight For Me series by Jessica Linden:

  1. Fight For Me
  2. Hold You Close

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