Review ~ He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly

Book: He Said/She Said


Author: Erin Kelly

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Format: Kindle

Published: Hodder & Stoughton, February 23, 2017

Source: Publisher

Who do you believe?

In the hushed aftermath of a total eclipse, Laura witnesses a brutal attack.She and her boyfriend Kit call the police, and in that moment, it is not only the victim’s life that is changed forever.

Fifteen years on, Laura and Kit live in fear.

And while Laura knows she was right to speak out, the events that follow have taught her that you can never see the whole picture: something – and someone – is always in the dark…

This book.. It is hard to describe this book because it was full of land mines. There was a kind of intricate plot that was full of twists all throughout. The storytelling was most interesting. The fact that the viewpoints changed between two characters and even among them between timelines, I expected to be maybe slightly confused but no. Not at all. If anything, it enhanced the tone of the book and added to the strength of the story. I easily jumped between characters and timelines, impatiently and desperately trying to piece together the whole picture. It was gripping, and intelligent, and it made me think.

I honestly don’t think I could say much without giving anything away, and even the smallest crack before anyone has a chance to experience this book for themselves would be a waste. An engrossing story with characters that you could be living with, passing by on the street, or even could easily be you. 

A good example of psychological thriller, if you’re interested in such stories I have no doubt you’ll like this. If you look for a good mystery then yeah, that’ll do too. Thought provoking characterization, delicate everyday issues that are life altering in the least, this book had a lot on its plate. And yet not once have I been overwhelmed or felt that anything was undermined. One of my top thriller reads so far this year, I can feel it. 

I’m adding five spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge, and cannot wait to delve in to other reads by Erin Kelly.


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