Review ~ Hindsight by Melanie Casey

Book: Hindsight

Series: Cass Lehman and Detective Ed Dyson Series #1

Author: Melanie Casey

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Format: Kindle

Published: Pantera Press, May 1, 2013

Source: Publisher

Cass Lehman had the misfortune of being born into a family of extraordinary women with supernatural talents. Her mother sees the future, her grandmother is a healer and Cass has the less sexy talent of seeing the past… but not just any past events… Cass’s terrifying gift is triggered when she walks over a spot where someone has met their end in a sudden and brutal way. Not only does she see their death, but she feels it… she relives it.

So, for years, she’s hardly set foot outside… until now.

Spurred by a desire to have a life of her own, Cass decides to take her first tentative steps towards freedom only to find herself confronted by murder and mayhem in her sleepy hometown of Jewel Bay.

Taking a chance she offers to help the local police track down the killer and finds herself thrust into working with the tormented and emotionally charged Ed Dyson.

Together they battle to overcome his prejudice and her fear of using her talent in time to stop a killer who has been operating quietly and systematically in their midst for years…

Can Cass save herself and the killer’s latest victim?

Hindsight is the first book in what will be a crime thriller series featuring Cass Lehman and Detective Ed Dyson.

I thought the premise of this book was very interesting. Book duos that deal with crime usually consist of detectives but this one brought together a psychic and a detective. I know it reminds people of tv shows like The Mentalist, or even Castle, but this one was different. For one, the psychic in question was not the know-it-all male character who, no matter what the procedure is, got what he wanted in the end. Not to mention they’re always right. I liked those shows but sometimes the smartass attitude got on my nerves. Here though, Cass was nervous and wary. Probably this was due to her psychic ability which was to experience the death of someone when she came across the exact spot they were killed. And the deaths have to be murders so you can imagine the kind of torture it is to live in a world full of violence. Her gift-or curse depending on from where you looked at it- makes her feel exactly what the victim did in those last minutes of their lives, so any innocent outing can be dangerous and traumatic. And so Cass has become a recluse for many years.

The detective in question, Ed Dyson, is a man who’s struggling with his own demons. Not as bad as experiencing death, sure, but his wife has gone missing and for years he’s been living in limbo, that destructive and painful path where you just don’t know what happened to a loved one. Together they made a not so cheerful crime solving duo you see. But that was actually the good part because no matter the different traumas they were still living through, they were trying to hold on. And the difficult situations that come from having to speak to someone with their problems were not so difficult for these two. I’d like to think they had a sort of understanding that came from terrible experiences. 

While the characters were so interesting and challenging, and the plot quite intriguing, I think the book felt only slightly rushed. Circumstances brought them together, personal details were shared, a reluctant balance was achieved but all felt like they could’ve taken more time to do so. I realize this was a debut novel, and it was pretty good for a debut, but perhaps if more world building was done with the current case, it would’ve been better. This is going to be a series so there’s enough time to delve into Cass and Ed’s relationship in the coming books, so more could be detailed in this one. Especially considering too many psychological issues were present for both characters.

I’m hoping the second book and onwards will not have these issues, and more interesting criminal cases await because let me tell you, this book was satisfying in its crime aspect.

I’m adding three spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge, and going for hunting the rest of the series.


Cass Lehman and Detective Ed Dyson series by Melanie Casey:

  1. Hindsight
  2. Craven
  3. Missing

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