Review ~ Only She Sees by Manel Loureiro

Book: Only She Sees


Author: Manel Loureiro

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Format/Page Count: Kindle, 352

Published: AmazonCrossing, Feb 7, 2017

Source: Publisher

With characters who’re everyday people I could easily relate to, having to face situations I could easily imagine myself in-and be highly disturbed thinking what I would’ve done had I been in Cassandra’s shoes- this was a very easy read that kept me interested till the end. Highly recommended if the blurb pulls you in in any way.

I’m adding five spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge. And I can’t help but say that this book would’ve made one hell of a movie. This is not the first thought that comes to me about any book, but I believe a visual of the story would’ve been beautiful. 

Books by Manel Loureiro:

  • Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of The End (Apocalypse Z #1)
  • The Last Passenger

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