Review ~ Bearly In Control by Milly Taiden

Book: Bearly In Control

Series: Shifters Undercover #1

Author: Milly Taiden

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Format/Page Count: e-book, 208

Published: Montlake Romance, December 13, 2016

Source: Publisher

For vet and animal whisperer Charli Avers, talking to bears is all in a day’s work. But when she finds a man—a very sexy, very alpha man—where a bear ought to be, the wild comes close to home. Charli is drawn to this mysterious stranger. She wants to help him piece together the past he can’t remember—even if that means shedding her human misgivings and embracing her more carnal desires.

After shifting from bear to man, Barry believes he’s finally found his mate. Now he just needs to find himself. He doesn’t know much about the animal within him, but his human heart aches for Charli. She ignites his instincts to protect her from all danger—including their electric attraction.

The stakes climb as Charli investigates the mystery behind Barry’s memory loss and how it may relate to strange sightings and thefts in this little corner of Oregon. Without answers, she may lose Barry—and herself—to the wild side forever.

Being the first book I’ve ever read by Milly Taiden, and the first paranormal romance in quite a while, I wasn’t impressed with BEARLY IN CONTROL. With its pretty cover and promising plot, this book would’ve been better if it was longer so the whole story, character developments and the breadcrumbs that were left for the upcoming books could’ve spread out more evenly. The way it was, everything felt very rushed. The meeting of the hero and heroine was rushed, their falling for each other was rushed-even considered by pnr standards- the action, the introduction of the rest of the characters were all rushed.

Apart from all this, one thing that really bothered me was the fact that the story had characters who worked in criminal justice system and yet failed to identify a clue that stared them right in the eye. As a reader-although I may be seen complaining about this but really I realized it’s a plus- I think it’s better if I discover something either after the characters tell me or about the same time as they do. It’s not at all fun when I can see the detail from a mile away and yet wait chapter after chapter for the characters to catch up. Especially in a mystery.

BEARLY IN CONTROL seemed to me like it wasn’t complete yet. I could’ve used more pages and less hurrying. I wish-and I can’t believe I’m about to say this- that instead of some of the sexy times of the hero and the heroine, those pages would’ve been devoted to world building. The first book is always the most critical because you have to interest the reader into coming back for more. I know a lot of people might find series first books boring, but I actually love them because they give me a chance to carefully imagine the book world as I see fit, with the author’s own descriptions. However, all this has failed in here.

I’m adding one spoonful of this story into my hodgepodge, and hope the coming books will straighten things out, because the mystery, if handled more carefully, might just be very interesting.


Shifters Undercover series by Milly Taiden:

  1. Bearly In Control
  2. Fur Fox’s Sake

2 thoughts on “Review ~ Bearly In Control by Milly Taiden

    • Thank you! This was my first time reading her, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the last since authors have many different voices. This just wasn’t it for me. Thanks again for stopping by and for commenting! 🙂

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