Review ~ Forbidden Fling by Skye Jordan

ForbiddenFlingBook: Forbidden Fling

Series: Wildwood #1

Author: Skye Jordan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 314

Published: Montlake Romance, July 26, 2016

Source: Publisher

I really liked this book. I thought it had a slightly different taste than some other small town romances. Maybe it’s the Romeo and Juliet thing, I don’t know. That was the vibe I got, but thankfully things never had a chance to become that much dramatic for these two. The main reason for this, I believe, was Delaney’s lively character. She wasn’t a ray of sunshine, but considering what she’s been through, and how she used to be, she wasn’t the depressed soul one might have expected either. She was a determined and successful young woman who came to this dreaded town to complete something and maybe put the final nail on the coffin that was her past.

Ethan, on the other hand, felt like the more vulnerable one of the duo. I liked him immediately, he was charming and funny, but he was also a broken soul, one who has suffered at the hands of his family. And he only came to realize how low he sunk after Delaney came back and made him see all the possibilities, but more importantly, what it is to stand up for yourself. Though he didn’t quite give me that big  impression of letting his family go with a slap to their faces, I still liked the subtle transition. It made things seem more real.

Let me also add that this was a very sexy book. Delaney and Ethan were naughty and really knew how to have fun, I gotta tell you.It was way too hot when I read this. The hellish heat and this book? Not a very good combination.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to the rest of this series. There are still characters whose stories I’m looking forward to, and of course also those who I hope will get what they deserve ten times over.

I’ve thought some about how much to add of this story, mainly because it ended in a somewhat abrupt way-not with a cliffhanger for Delaney and Ethan, but more like a sense of being cut off mid sentence- but in the end, because of Ethan’s growth and Delaney’s inspiring character, I think it would be just right to add five spoonfuls of this into my hodgepodge.



Wildwood series by Skye Jordan:

  1. Forbidden Fling
  2. Wild Kisses

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