Review ~ Revealed To Him by Jen Frederick

RevealedToHimBook: Revealed To Him

Series: Kerr Chronicles #3

Author: Jen Frederick

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 274

Published: Montlake Romance, November 3, 2015

Source: Publisher

She’s agoraphobic after an attempt on her life is made, she has extreme trust issues. I have to say, her life was not easy. I can’t imagine living life her way, not being able to leave my house and get to know new people and trust them. Her struggle through everything in the book was a challenge I enjoyed reading about. And this is what I’m talking about. There was so much going on personally with these characters that romance didn’t have a chance but to take a backseat and leave the stage to growth. I was fascinated with both Jake and Natalie’s own problems and struggles, and while their text messaging was so sweet that I wished continued for much longer, I found that I looked forward more to how they were going to cope with obstacles and put somewhat of an end to them.

As a side story, the mystery of Natalie’s attack-the reason she and Jake come together in the first place- was fun to read. I liked getting the clues and thinking up possibilities for who and what.

A story of two people who are fighters in their own ways, I liked this book. The strength of it was in the challenges and different lifestyles of the characters, and it was nice to read.

I’m adding three spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge, and wish Natalie and Jake the best. Honestly. I think they deserved it.



Kerr Chronicles series by Jen Frederick:

  1. Losing Control
  2. Taking Control
  3. Revealed To Him

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