Review ~ Grave Attraction by Lori Sjoberg

GraveAttractionBook: Grave Attraction

Series: Grave #4

Author: Lori Sjoberg

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 320

Published: Lyrical Press, January 5, 2016

Source: Publisher

He’s a reaper who works by the book. But a sexy shifter will have him changing the course of fate just to be with her—if a killer doesn’t get to her first…

After four years as a reaper, helping souls cross into the afterlife is a job Adam Javorski has finally gotten used to. But when he arrives at the site of a serial killer’s latest victim, finding a living—not to mention gorgeous—hostage is the last thing he expects. The young woman captivates him in a way no one ever has—so much so, he breaks rule number one by helping her escape…

Marlena Walther doesn’t remember the man who rescued her. But when she sees Adam again, she recognizes him instantly as her soul mate. While the two work together to track down a killer determined to finish what he started, their undeniable attraction draws them even closer. Now Adam is the only one who can protect Marlena from a vengeful murderer—if he’s willing to sacrifice everything for her.



Alright, I’m going to be completely straightforward and tell you that it’s been close to a lifetime while I’ve been trying to write this review. Why? Not because I didn’t like the book because I loved it. Not because I couldn’t find anything to say about it because damn, my mind’s been filled with things I wanted to say even while still reading the book. The only other option left was that I’m stuck with my words. Still with me on the blog? Thank you, lovelies. So I’ve decided to pull on my big girl panties and sit down after a nice meal and a cup of tea and write this review down.

The last time I’ve seen Adam, he was the new reaper in town and still hadn’t come to terms with his situation, you know, the fact that he was dead and expected to reap souls and all that. Until we’ve come to Adam we’ve gone through some time, so the Adam we meet in this book was the more mature version of the once-rookie. Being a cop in his mortal life, the circumstances under which he meets Marlena compel him to help her. Not only that, but he also feels a strange pull toward her, one that he can’t help but ignore.

I liked Adam. I already liked him when I first met him all those books ago, but seeing the reaper again in a more mature light was a nice experience. I keep saying it, but while he might’ve made his peace with his mortality-or lack thereof- he also kept his flirty, wicked ways with him which was so sexy and sweet at the same time.

As for Marlena, she was a new character but I loved her. She was strong, definitely had a steely spirit. I can’t talk much about her without giving away her storyline, but let me just say that woman well deserved her happy ending. Like, yesterday. In this story, Adam was the one who was pulled towards Marlena’s surroundings, her family and friends and background, so we had a chance to see different beings coming into play, different plots and that was nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love me my reapers, but I like to see this world expand. It means possibilities for the future which makes this reader happy.

On a side note, I’m looking forward to the way things took a turn with the reapers’ grumpy boss, Samuel. Just wanted to get that out of my chest. Gotta love a surly man’s secrets spill.

An enjoyable addition to a series I love a great deal, I recommend this book and the ones before it. You’ll love Death’s agents find their happiness, and definitely won’t be disappointed. I’m adding four spoonfuls of this deadly story into my hodgepodge-see what I did there? I am definitely back on track with my bad pun train, that’s for sure- Now all I gotta do is figure out how to attract me some reapers without actually getting them anywhere near me or my loved ones. Hmm.


Grave series by Lori Sjoberg:

  1. Grave Intentions
  2. Grave Destinations
  3. Grave Vengeance
  4. Grave Attraction

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