Hey you!

Yeah, you, my dear follower, who might or might’ve not have wondered where this lady has gotten to. Well, the story goes..

There was once this young lady who used internet to get by her daily business. Her much too cranky provider who suffered from many mood swings because of bad weather had decided to up and quit. For a while. It could get tiring to provide for lady and her townspeople after all. So, left without her main source of entertainment and almost all things in this day and age of technology, she resigned to turn to her books. She read, and then read some more. It was something she did even before losing her much beloved internet. But she was grateful for the extra time this situation gave her with her books, though she’d never admit this to her moody provider. Remembering her passion for solving puzzles, she also decided to conquer the world of 1500 pieces. Needless to say she succeeded, and without giving too much away of her sanity too. However, before she could reach for her final 3000 pieced puzzle, the provider, the one she loved to hate, after having its not too much deserved vacation, decided to do its job once again and, wait for it, provided her with her internet. And finally, all was right with the world, though she can still be seen puzzling her way through 1500 pieces.

A happy ending, you think? Guess so.

Until next time.

ps. If you suffered this post till the very end, I thank you from the bottom of my pile of books to read. Now, on to reviews!

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