Blog Tour ~ Stranded With My Stepbrother by Madison Collins ~ Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

StrandedWithMyStepbrotherBook: Stranded With My Stepbrother

Author: Madison Collins

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Release Date: October 12, 2015

A standalone taboo romance. No cliffhanger. 18+

On the way to our parents wedding in the mountains, the mother of all snow storms attacks, leaving me stranded in a remote cabin with my new stepbrother.

My hot as hell, I-need-to-change-my-panties because-they’re-soaked, cocky asshole of a stepbrother, Bentley McAllister.

The kicker of it all?

The only items he’s packed are liquor and condoms, and he’s looking at me like he wants to put both to good use.

My name is Sierra, and my libido can only take so much.

Send help!




“Open up your mouth for me, princess. Let me show you how I like it.”
Without further delay I brought myself face-to-cock with Bentley’s member and in one fell swoop I deep throated him. While I couldn’t get his full cock into my mouth, I made sure to stroke what I couldn’t fit, and massage his balls so that they didn’t feel left out.
“Jesus. Fuck, Sierra.”


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Short and to the point, STRANDED WITH MY STEPBROTHER is read like a bang. The prologue gives you the exact idea as to what to expect from the story if you already hadn’t guessed. Really, if anyone asked me to describe this story in one word, it’d be bang. And not just because of what it’s telling-because yeah, it’s two people banging- but also because you’re given no time to process anything, this being a novella, but are simply expected to go with the flow. That would be fine, except, the author tried to make it more than it was, and that’s where the story failed for me.

I’m no fan of novellas of romance, because you never have enough time to develop something I can buy into. So I try to avoid them as much as possible. But when we’re talking about erotica, I can usually go there, enjoy my fun, sexy read, and leave it at that and that’s its own reading pleasure. So when reading an erotic novella of 80 something pages, I don’t expect much in terms of emotional growth. And I think the author made a mistake of trying to tell too much in too little pages. The idea of two people about to be related by marriage and sharing explosive chemistry is definitely a kink I like to read about. But to put them quickly in a tiny environment and have them stranded there for a couple of days, I don’t expect any romantic entanglements. All I expect is exactly what the title promises, stranded with my stepbrother and doing all kinds of naughty things until our time is up. If the author took the story further and perhaps made this into a full length novel, than I think Bentley and Sierra’s story would’ve been more romantic and their deepening feelings more convincing. As it was though, I couldn’t decide whether to enjoy the sex, or to wrap my head around the rushed romance, and that has reduced my enjoyment a big deal.

As a side note, the ever changing conjugation made this short story a bit harder to read. A character would start speaking in present tense, and suddenly, mid sentence, things would be happening in the past. I couldn’t understand what was going on in that regard, and that made this experience less fun for me.

If you like it real quick and don’t mind the rushed romance along with it, then you’d enjoy this. For all the telling faults, it was still an easy read.

I’m adding two spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge and wish Sierra and Bentley luck in explaining what they’ve been up to to their parents.




MadisonCollinsMadison Collins is the author of romantic short stories such as Caged, Stranded with My Stepbrother and the upcoming Monster Prick. She enjoys the occasional stiff cocktail, and watching romantic comedies. Most days you can find her curled up with a good book. She currently resides in New Jersey.

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