Review ~ Stealing Second by Alison Packard

StealingSecondBook: Stealing Second

Series: Feeling The Heat #5

Author: Alison Packard

Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 236

Published: Carina Press, June 22, 2015

Source: Publisher

Katherine Whitton doesn’t purposely avoid men and relationships, but she doesn’t mind that side effect of immersing herself in her job with the San Francisco Blaze. Years ago she was betrayed by her one true love, and she’s never fully recovered, though she’s tried by building a new life in a city she loves.

It’s taken seventeen years for Tom Morgan to get over Katie—Katherine now. Sober now and faced with the incredible opportunity to manage the Blaze, he thinks he’ll finally be able to handle working with this beautiful woman without falling to pieces…as long as she doesn’t get too close.

A crisis with the team’s star pitcher forces Tom and Katherine to put in long hours together. Years of animosity melt away as the sexual tension between them ignites. But it’ll take more than scorching kisses to avoid the wreckage of the past. And neither Tom nor Katie are sure they’re ready to trust each other or risk their hearts for a second chance at happiness.



Who’s up for a second chance story going hand in hand with a contemporary sports romance? Well, if you’re one of the awesome people who raised their hands and made room in their never ending to-read shelf, then you’ll love this one.
I’ve known and loved Alison Packard’s FEELING THE HEAT series for a while now, and I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to read this book. You know, for purely professional reasons, for you guys who follow the updates about the making of the hodgepodge, and not for the crazy chick inside me who loves men of sports, later daydreams about snagging one and hogs the tv for any matches. Nope.

I didn’t read that many second chance romances, and the last few ones I’ve read were about couples where one of them already loved and lost, for good. So, though I loved those previous books, Katie and Tom’s relationship was like a breath of fresh air for me. They were friends and lovers in their teens, and reading about them rekindling their passion and remembering good old times was, what can I say, romantic. I’ve always had a soft spot for friends to lovers and bickering couples, and this story had a little bit of both which was another bonus for me.

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