Review ~ What Emma Craves by Amanda Abbott

WhatEmmaCravesBook: What Emma Craves

Author: Amanda Abbott

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: July 27, 2015

It took a lot for Pete Slater to convince his wife, Emma, to move to the suburbs. But once she arrived, she found it had a deliciously steamy underbelly. Her neighborhood is filled with hook-ups, affairs, and scandal. It’s better than any reality TV show.

But Emma finds she isn’t satisfied any more. After seeing Piper and Michael become adventurous again as a couple, it’s made Emma realize that’s what she wants in her own life. She craves to be noticed again. She decides what the two of them really need is a vacation. The STD girls throw her a travel shower, gifting her some sexy starters, and she and Pete are off to the Bahamas.

Their destination is a super exclusive resort situated on a tiny island where anything and everything can happen. When they meet a young couple at the airport, who end up in the suite next to theirs, things go from fun to incredibly steamy fast. Emma drives Pete crazy flirting, and it pays off. For the first time in their marriage her husband is jealous of another man. What Pete does to win her back turns out to be exactly what Emma craves.

*This book is off the charts hot. It contains: explicit sex, group sex, and voyeurism.




Emma ducked down into the bushes as the car drove down the street. She peeked out of her hiding spot and saw it was the Dwyers, an elderly couple who lived three doors down from her and Pete, driving their dated black Cadillac.

They were coming home from church, as usual. Emma was crouched in a very unladylike position, but the wait would be well worth it. She was situated directly under the McCrays’ garage window, waiting for the show to begin.
It happened without fail every Wednesday night at ten thirty-seven, when Candace arrived home after her weekly hot yoga class.

When she could, Emma always snagged a front-row seat.

Another car came down the street, like clockwork. A second later the McCray garage door engaged, rolling up smoothly, the vibrations shaking Emma’s shoulder where she leaned against the siding. Emma stood and watched as Candace pulled her leased Audi RS 5 into the spot right next to the window.

Emma knew it was leased, because Candace was an avid talker. Candace was a forty-one-year-old unhappily married stepmother to three older children. She enjoyed her boxed Chardonnay, and over the years she’d filled Emma’s ears with more than Emma had ever needed to know about her, including how stretched she and her husband were financially to maintain the lifestyle they felt they deserved.

The “lifestyle,” according to Candace, was expensive cars, lavish vacations, and diamond jewelry glittering around her neck. The unhappiness that accompanied it was considered a typical side effect and had become an accepted sacrifice.

To Emma, however, living the lifestyle were nights like this, when Candace stole a moment of pleasure all to herself. Candace just didn’t realize that she was actually involved in a different kind of “lifestyle” altogether—the sexual kind.

Most people didn’t.

Instead, they refused to name it, because that would make it real. So they engaged in affairs and sneaked around instead of choosing to be open with their sexual desires.

Emma never begrudged Candace for stealing a tiny slice of happiness where she could. If this was the only place she could get it, so be it. Plus, it was entertaining as hell to watch. Candace was a beautiful woman, tall, curvy, with long blonde hair. She had to be gorgeous, since she was Kyle McCray’s trophy wife. Kyle was a fifty-five-year-old misogynistic asshole who traveled more than he was ever at home.

And when he was around, he was trying to screw everything he could get his meaty hands on. He’d come on to Emma several times over the years, but she’d always fobbed him off like a pro, insulting him so intelligently he never quite knew how brutally he was getting the brush-off.

Emma watched as Candace emerged from her car. The woman carefully set her purse and keys on a small shelf by the door and went to stand in front of the fender of her car. A moment later, there was a small noise as the side door opened and closed.

Justin walked toward Candace like he was in need of a meal and hadn’t eaten for weeks.

It was the same every single Wednesday.

They didn’t embrace or touch each other affectionately.

They never did. Justin had his dick out before he reached Candace, who had leaned over the hood of the Audi, bracing her palms on the hood. Emma always pondered whether the car hood was hot or not, but it didn’t bother Candace in the least.

Justin came up behind her and peeled her yoga pants down with one hand.

Emma could see that Candace was still sweaty. Most of the time she was—she must prefer it that way. Justin pushed his cock into her with little preamble and began a pounding rhythm that sent the Audi rocking in tandem to his thrusts.

Candace tried to keep her moans quiet, but Emma could hear them through the glass. Emma knew Candace loved every minute of this and craved it like nothing else in her life.

Emma knew the feeling.

Every time Emma’s husband, Pete, touched her, she felt a rush like that. She couldn’t get enough.

Justin was a twentysomething friend of Candace’s oldest stepson. He worked as a waiter at a restaurant nearby.

Although he was on the skinny side, he was tall and knew how to use his cock. Emma knew where he worked only because she’d spotted him at the restaurant on a few occasions. Candace had mentioned Justin once in passing about a year ago, and Emma had gotten the drift that Candace knew Justin’s mother—and that they might even be bridge partners.

Oh, the scandal of it all!

That’s what Emma adored the most.

There was titillation in watching these acts, no doubt about it, but it was the naughtiness and the secrets that gave her the ultimate enjoyment. The suburbs—a place she’d never, ever thought she’d live—were absolutely teeming with adultery, scandal, and sexual mayhem! It was better than any reality TV she’d ever watched. Probably because it was all live.

But still.

It’d become a weekly ritual to find out what naughty activities were going on in the neighborhood and seek them out.

She’d watched as married wives sought each other out, as well as coeds bored on summer break with nothing better to do than to try to seduce wayward husbands.

Emma watched as Justin continued his relentless pounding until Candace’s voice broke on a stifled cry. As she came, her fingers curled into the car hood, her ass bobbing back to press onto Justin’s cock to hold him steady for a few precious moments.

That was the only touching she allowed.

A few seconds later, Justin pulled out and jutted his come all over Candace’s bare ass.

That must be their agreement.

It always played out the same way.

Emma had been watching for a few months now, and Candace would switch it up on occasion—but only as far as bending over something else in the garage, like the worktable.

Once he was done, Justin tucked himself back in his pants and walked over to a shelf that held a stack of towels. He brought one back for Candace, which she took readily, and he immediately headed toward the door. Once there, he glanced over his shoulder and winked at Emma.

Justin knew she watched. Candace she wasn’t sure about.

That was Emma’s cue to skedaddle.

Justin often tried to catch Emma to talk—he’d even tried to convince her to join them in a threesome. She dodged him as quickly as she could. She found it was easier to disappear before he could make his way around the garage, and since she lived next door, that was an easy thing to do.

Emma sprinted back into her yard, heading around the back of her house.

None of her neighbors knew she and Pete were in the lifestyle. And that’s how she wanted to keep it. She’d hung around with Candace enough to know that if Candace knew Emma was watching her and Justin, she wouldn’t care.

She would only want Emma to assure her she looked awesome as the twentysomething fucked her from behind.



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I don’t have much reading experience when it comes to erotic romance, but I’d like to think that this is a good example of it. As inexperienced as I am, I expected a lot of sex-and there was that for sure- but there was also an underlying of sweet romance. This was as much erotica as it was a story of a couple reconnecting and learning to appreciate each other again.

Though this is a part of a series and I haven’t yet read the previous books, I didn’t feel like a stranger reading it. Sure, previous characters appeared and offered advice and company to Emma, but all it did was make me curious about their own books. I was completely focused on Emma and Pete’s relationship, their sexy adventure on the secluded island, but what I loved-and I can’t believe I’m about to say this- and looked forward to the most when I was reading, was how Emma and Pete worked things out. The sex? It was explosive. The kind of lifestyle these guys live is one I’m stranger to, but damn, it was hot. It was all the naughty fantasies wrapped up in a nice little package on a gorgeous, dream like island. Though they have an open relationship, Emma and Pete were very much in love, and it was enjoyable to read them spice things up by turning to each other first and foremost. There was no cheating, no drama despite their lifestyle. Just some good ol’ sexy fun times, jealousy thrown in here and there that I loved, and two people sharing something they both loved.

I think if you’re a lover of erotic romance, this is a good choice for you. I don’t know much about what’s going on in the genre, but I like my couples to end up only with each other, never mind everything and everyone in between, so if you feel the same as me, then again, this book is for you. The love and respect I see in challenging relationships like this makes it all the more enjoyable to read.

I’m adding four spoonfuls of this sexy story into my hodgepodge. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go do my laundry now and get ready for the previous books, because I just have to know what went on in them.



Pushing The Boundaries series by Amanda Abbott:

  1. What Caroline Wants
  2. What Piper Needs
  3. What Emma Craves



Amanda Abbott lives in the Midwest. She’s the author of many books, both on her own and some published in New York. She loves traveling, seeing the world, and above all she loves to write. These stories have blossomed out of her pure love of all kinds of romance, but especially humor + sexy combined. Taking the question of “what if” and making it real was an absolute thrill to write. And there’s more in the hopper! To keep up with new series and new releases, head to her website www(dot)authoramandaabbott(dot)com and be sure to sign-up for her newsletter!

Connect with Amanda:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Newsletter

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