Review ~ Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

BloodMoonBook: Blood Moon

Series: The Huntress/FBI Thrillers #2

Author: Alexandra Sokoloff

Genre: Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Format: e-book

Page Count: 318

Published: Thomas & Mercer, January 27, 2015

Source: Publisher

Twenty-five years have passed since a savage killer terrorized California, massacring three ordinary families before disappearing without a trace. The only surviving victim of his rampage was a child…who is now wanted by the FBI for brutal crimes of her own.

Special Agent Matthew Roarke is on an interstate manhunt to track her down, despite feeling torn between his dedication to duty and his sympathy for her horrific history and motives. But when Roarke’s search unearths evidence of new family slayings, the dangerous woman he seeks—and secretly wants—may be his only hope of preventing another bloodbath. He just has to find her first.



It’s actually been a while since I finished this book. Since I was absolutely mesmerized by the first book in the series, I jumped right to this one after reading the first. I did not want to lose any time doing anything else, besides, who needs sleep anyway?

In the second installment of the Huntress/FBI Thrillers series, we begin right where we left off. I wasn’t actually sure about what to write in a review for this one, simply because one, I don’t wish to spoil anyone anything because this is a gem one needs to live on one’s own and be blown away, and two, because writing any small thing about the wonderfully spun web of plotlines and intriguingly deep and faulty characters, and finally the mysterious overall case of our Huntress, would just still be too revealing, even if I didn’t give anything away. All I can say is read. Pick up the first book and read from the beginning and come join me in my painful wait for the next book.

This was a story, like its predecessor, not for the faint of heart or one who looks for a romantic mystery, but for those who like a good, solid challenge in their thriller, and those who are not afraid to experience an array of emotions during their read. I felt enraged, scared, shocked and disgusted throughout, not for the level of actual horror contained in the story, but for what people are capable of. A fast paced plot, coupled with great characters, and tripled with a non stop nudge towards making the reader think, guess and feel, this was a book that was a wonderful experience. Just like the first one. And things are left off at such a point that I’m holding my breath and waiting for the next installment.

I’m adding five huge spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge. I’m usually a patient person so I will not be wrecking that image but I am starting to make myself even busier in the kitchen to pass the time. More ingredients and more flavors for my hodgepodge. Cook cook cook!



The Huntress/FBI Thrillers series by Alexandra Sokoloff:

  1. Huntress Moon
  2. Blood Moon
  3. Cold Moon

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