Happy 2015, A Year Filled With Books

I know I’m a bit late for new year wishes, but hey, better late than never, right? So much delicious food was cooked and surprisingly-or maybe not, since I served drinks as well, heh- people didn’t eat as much as I anticipated so that left me with a whole lot of leftovers. Can you imagine how I’ve been spending my time? I think at some point my fridge was scared of my late night visits. I swear I heard it whisper, “What the fridge do you want now? Take it all, take it and leave me alone for the love of fridge!” Or, something like that. Soo..

I wish you guys a very happy, healthy, wonderful new year, one where you can come a little bit closer to cleaning up your to-read piles-not completely you see, because is that even possible?

Most of my books are e-books. I don’t have bookshelves enough-actually, I don’t think the whole world does either- to store all the books I plan to read. But, I do have one resolution this year. Well, one of many. I still have some paperback books dusting on my shelves and I thought it’d be good to pick them up and give them a good read. Here’s what I found on my shelves:

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