Review ~ Because I Can by Tamara Morgan

BecauseICanBook: Because I Can

Series: Montgomery Manor #3

Author: Tamara Morgan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 277

Published: Carina Press, October 13, 2014

Source: Publisher

John “Monty” Montgomery is a workaholic. The oldest of the Montgomery children, he’s been working by his father’s side building the family hotel chain almost his entire life. His commitment to the business leaves no time for romance. But that’s about to change.

Georgia Lennox has been fantasizing about Monty ever since she started her gig as handywoman at Montgomery Manor. She figures Monty is way out of her league, so she hasn’t dared to act on her feelings — until he offers to help fill a volunteer shortage on her latest project, building houses for families in need.

Sparks fly as they spend time together, first on the job site, then off. But Georgia’s not your typical frilly and feminine society girl. Hoping to find a way to fit in with the Montgomerys, she agrees to be made over by Monty’s sister for an event. But if she lets her rough edges be smoothed away, will she be letting go of the very thing that attracted Monty in the first place?


This story came at such a right time that it took me by surprise. And I do like surprises so it was pleasant. I was already looking forward to workaholic John ‘Monty’ Montgomery the Third and Montgomery Manor’s skilled handywoman Georgia Lennox, but this was so much better than I expected. First off, Monty was the epitome of a good hero, hell, a perfect hero. The kind of hero I’d want all my heroines to end up with, the kind of hero I’d love to read in many upcoming books, over and over again.

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