Review ~ Breaking His Rules by Alison Packard

BreakingHisRulesBook: Breaking His Rules

Series: Feeling The Heat #4

Author: Alison Packard

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count: 126

Published: Carina Press, September 8, 2014

Source: Publisher

Losing fifty pounds is an incredible achievement. But for Melissa Atherton, progress doesn’t come with praise—a scathing comment from an evil cousin at a bridal shower threatens to crush her new self-esteem. Who will she bring to the upcoming wedding? Showing up without a date would be humiliating. It just isn’t an option.

Personal trainer Jake Sawyer was attracted to Melissa before she lost weight, but her progress has him floored. When she admits she plans to hire a male escort—and why—his heart all but breaks. Melissa’s come too far to be knocked down, especially by her own family. He’ll go as her date…and figure out a way to keep his hands to himself.

But when a steamy hotel room encounter takes them both by surprise, Jake balks. He’s sworn never to date one of his clients, not again. And Melissa can’t bear to be just friends with the man who treated her so tenderly, even if it was only for a weekend. Jake’s helped her see she’s strong enough to stand up for herself, but will she find the strength to pursue the only man who’s ever seen the real her?


You know that feeling when, after having many, many, many debates with yourself, you finally decide to sign up for the gym, and meet your personal trainer who just so happens to be one of the most caring, sweetest, sexiest men on the face of earth, who not only likes you for who you are from the start, becomes your friend and helps you get your confidence back, but who also helps you better yourself and understand your own body’s needs-both health wise and carnal- instead of having you give up your favorite foods, and finally falls in love with you and breaks his own rules for your sake? No? Me neither. Lucky Melissa does though.

If I have to state only one problem with this book, it would be its length. It read more like a novella than a novel. When I first realized the number of pages it’s got, I wanted to make sure if that was right, like I could get only half of the book-silly me I know- but it turned out this book was a little shorter than its predecessors. And although I think it could’ve worked, the subject matter of this book along with the lovely romance, required more pages to tell its story. Melissa is a woman with a size a notch bigger than what is accepted fashionable these days, and she’s been tormented by people in the past for the way she looks. So, she not only wants to get healthier, but her story is also about her coming to love her body the way it is, and seeing herself as a sexy woman. Her eyes and anchor in this, is Jake Sawyer. Personal trainer and gym owner extraordinaire, I know he must be the last of his kind.

I liked the romance blossoming between these two characters, and I liked how Jake already set her aside from other women when he first met her, before her journey to a healthier life. I would’ve loved to read about their friendship first, before delving into the romance, but still, their story was satisfying and sexy. I could relate to Melissa, and adored Jake. They had their own personalities that meshed together nicely. There were also a few people, and thus relationships, around Melissa from her less healthy past, and that’s where my previous statement of the problem with length comes from. As much as I would’ve preferred more Jake and Melissa interactions-not that what they had was not enough but you know how, once the couple is cute and sexy you just can’t get enough of them- but I also would’ve loved to see Melissa’s relationship with some of those less understanding people in more depth. That’s all about the only criticism I had with this story. Except for maybe it is not being mine, but let’s just forget about that.

A lovely story between two people who are happy to be themselves and love each other for who they are, this one reminded me that a gym is not the torture chamber I keep thinking it to be, but perhaps a fit place-can I snicker here? Please?- where one can also find love with a sexy man if they’re as lucky as Melissa. I wish you guys all such luck. Can I be persuaded to join the gym now? I’m not sure, since I already know all the guys from my previous gym and let me tell you, they were no Jake. I guess I gotta look for love elsewhere. Oh well.

I’m adding four spoonfuls of this sweet romance into my hodgepodge and grabbing that cardio workout dvd I got the other day. Melissa and Jake made me want to work out, can you imagine how good their story was?



Feeling The Heat series by Alison Packard:

  1. Love In The Afternoon
  2. The Winning Season
  3. Catching Heat
  4. Breaking His Rules

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