Review ~ Noble Intentions by Katie MacAlister

NobleIntentionsBook:Noble Intentions

Series: Noble #1

Author: Katie MacAlister

Genre: Historical Romance, Humor

Format: e-book

Page Count:384

Published: Sourcebooks Casablanca, May 6, 2014

Source: Publisher

Take one infamous earl…

Noble Britton, Lord Weston, has come to London intending to revisit old friends, enjoy a modicum of society, and-oh, yes-find a mild, biddable wife.

Add an irrepressible American

Gillian Leigh’s Unfortunate Habit of speaking her mind and Shocking Susceptibility to Accidents have left her on the shelf at five-and-twenty. So why can’t Noble resist her?

And good intentions are bound to fail

When Gillian meets the infamous Black Earl, she knows that at last she’s found a man who can match her zest for life, even if that entails the occasional arson…or kidnapping. Not to mention the encounters with his former mistresses…

Although life with Gillian involves as much chaos as laughter, Noble fully intends to claim her for his own-if she doesn’t accidentally kill him first.


I really, really wanted to love this book. A historical hero seeking a new wife for himself, finds an accident prone young lady with a free spirit-unbeknownst to him, of course. See how easy it sounds to like this book? I thought so. Unfortunately, in the end, I found myself not being able to fully enjoy it.

Noble, for starters, wasn’t the kind of hero that left an impression on me, either good or bad. And that’s bad, because no matter what it is I feel, I’d rather feel something for the characters than being indifferent towards them. Even if I hate them, it’s still a reason to come back to read, but when I don’t feel anything for a character, there’s really nothing to tie me to the book. And unfortunately, Noble was such a character. I couldn’t sense his sexiness, his thoughtfulness, or his love throughout my reading, which meant that already half of the pair who should’ve attracted me failed to impress me.

And Gillian..Gone, the other half. I’m afraid I can’t say anything better for her. Same as Noble, she didn’t rouse my interest from its fitful sleep. For a while, I expected her clumsy and lively character giving birth to a still clumsy and lively yet strong and smart woman, but I gave up that hope by the middle of the book. There wasn’t anything that set her apart from any other society lady, nothing that usually endears a historical heroine to me, and that was my biggest turn off about her. If I had to describe Gillian in only one word, I think it’d be ‘silly’. Sure, she was funny at times, as was Noble, and their interactions involved a great deal of comical misunderstandings, and the glue that holds it all together, clumsiness, but I realized humorous situations aren’t enough to hook me in a historical romance. And I can’t help but say, some of the scenes that were undoubtedly funny would’ve fit much better in a modern comedy rather than a historical romance. They just didn’t go with the way I enjoy my historicals, and that was probably my main problem with this book. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, and that I believe was because the humor in their story overrode the romance. Even the mystery was only slightly interesting. Not to mention the detail of Noble’s son, who was also related to the mystery and should’ve been a big part of Gillian and Noble’s romance, was told so casually it became frustrating for me.

If you don’t want your historical romances in much serious tones, or none at all, and you don’t mind the characters being a little silly, or more, and you’re okay with not being able to connect with them, then this book is for you. For me, I experienced all of the above, and though I did enjoy some of the misunderstandings and shenanigans, they weren’t enough to interest me to come back for more.

I’m adding two spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.



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