Review ~ Losing Control by Jen Frederick

LosingControlBook:Losing Control

Series: Kerr Chronicles #1

Author: Jen Frederick

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Format: e-book

Page Count:280

Published: Pear Tree LLC, June 16, 2014

Source: Publisher

I’d do anything to keep my mother alive.

Anything, including ask Ian Kerr for help. I don’t know much about him, except that he has more money than some small countries. And he’s willing to spend it on me. Just one catch: there’s a string attached, and not just the one I feel pulling me into his arms and his bed. There’s also the plan for revenge he wants my help with.

Every time he says my name, it makes my body shiver and my heart stutter. I know he’s going to wreck me, know there won’t be anything left of me but lust and sensation by the time he’s done with me, but even though I can see the heartbreak coming towards me like a train, ready to crash into me, I can’t get out of the way. I want what he makes me feel. Want what he’s offering.

This may have started out as something to save my mother, but now…now it’s about what he makes me feel. I’m in danger of losing everything that’s important. Worse? Ian’s whispered words and hot caresses are making me believe that’s okay.


This book surprised me. What I expected starting this story was mostly sexual tension. A lot of it. And some power and dominance between a self made millionaire and a desperate woman that would, without a doubt, include eroticism. And yet this story was so much more than that.
First off, the level of erotica and dominance I expected was not there. This may sound negative, but considering I like my romances on the side of a sexy challenge rather than power play, this was much appreciated. And it was not just this balance between the hero and the heroine, but this story was captivating for its inclusion of a mother/daughter relationship.Read More »