Review ~ Silver Skin by D. L. McDermott

SilverSkinBook: Silver Skin

Series:  Cold Iron

Author:  D. L. McDermott

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Format:  e-book

Page Count:  369

Published:  Pocket Star, April 2014

Source:  Publisher

Helene Whitney has been losing time. Not losing track of time, but missing hours, finding whole blank spaces in her day she can’t account for. A year ago she would have put it down to overwork and exhaustion, but that was before she found out about the Good Neighbors, the Fair Folk, the Beautiful People, the Fae.

Ancient, immortal, tricksy and cruel, these creatures out of myth and legend rule the Irish enclaves of South Boston and Charlestown, and one of them has been using magic to abduct and control Helene for hours every day, gaining access to the collection at her museum and searching for ancient objects of Fae power.

Now, Helene’s only hope of escaping this unknown assailant lies with the Fae sorcerer, Miach MacCecht, a man she knows she can never trust—and who may prove impossible to resist.

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I was anxiously waiting for this book. I’m already smitten with the world of the Fae, and ever since reading the first book, and being introduced to the ruthless Fae sorcerer Miach, I wanted more.

It’s no secret that I love these cold creatures, I mean, don’t we all find the cold and dangerous ones so sexy? Many of my book boyfriends tend to be on the dark side, I guess it’s a weakness of mine. And Miach, well, let’s just say he seems to have all the delicious cookies.
I was already drawn to Miach’s character from the previous book. He was portrayed as the embodiment of the true Fae character, with his cold and calculated view of life. Fae people are not ones to bring home to your mama, let me tell you. They’re very hard to deal with- a test for your wits and patience-, and Miach was very much Fae. But of course, to go with his scary character, he was also very much human. Sure, he had a tough guy facade going on, and he was a criminal through and through, but he was also the kind of guy to hold a grudge against the young man who seduced his granddaughter and got her with child-childbirth is very dangerous for the Fae.

There’s a good chance he would frustrate me if he were a real person, but if he made me feel as sexy, safe and loved as he did Helene, I think I could overlook his occasional childish behavior. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t irrational save for the moments when people tried to hurt those he cared about or take his woman, and I absolutely loved him. But you know how these possessive cold heroes are.

As for Helene, I liked her. I already liked her strong character from the first book, and it was nice to see she didn’t lose that strength when she fell for Miach. If anything, having to deal with Fae, she had to grow stronger and firmer. Needless to say, she was a good match for Miach. She wasn’t a flirtatious woman with sexy curves to accompany, but she was more on the athletic side, no petite beauty but beauty nonetheless. Although her physical appearance is described, she wasn’t the least bit self conscious about her physique. I think her physical description had to do more about pointing out her distinct characteristics and Miach’s and her own appreciation and perspective of beauty. I liked that.

I quite enjoyed the mystery behind Helene’s abductions and loved their chase of the truth. The action that followed flowed nicely and I found myself coming back over and over to see where everything was going. And now that I know what’s going on, and had more glimpses into the psyche of the next hero, the quiet warrior Elada, I cannot wait to read the next book. Not only the hero is as intriguing as they come- and sexy too, with a hint of unbridled passion-, but the plot is also taken a turn for the better, with possibly lots more action to come.

A fast paced book with a solid and sexy romance that I definitely recommend, especially if you like the dark side. They have cookies. And men that certainly are no gingerbread, but all hard muscle and no mercy.

I’m adding five big spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.




Cold Iron series by D. L. McDermott:

  1. Cold Iron
  2. Silver Skin
  3. Stone Song


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