Review ~ Cowboy In My Pocket by Kate Douglas


Book: Cowboy In My Pocket


Author: Kate Douglas

Format: e-book

Page Count: 226

Published: Beyond The Page Publishing, 2012

Source: Publisher


Michelle Garrison is a prolific romance writer whose career is suddenly on a downslide. Her plots are boring, her writing is stale and her readers are fleeing for greener pastures. Desperate to revive her career, Michelle sets out to write a bestseller, and who could make a more worthy hero than a cowboy.

Force-marched to a dude ranch by her editor, Michelle soon finds herself trudging along a mountain road with no memory of who she is or where she’s going, but thanks to the quintessential sexy cowboy hero, Michelle is saved. Swept up in her cowboy’s arms even Michelle can see the parody in her own story: “Everything she’d read about cowboys must be true, she thought, almost hysterically. No wonder they made such popular heroes in romances.”


I like cowboys. I like writers. I even like writers who write about cowboys, who are stuck in their creativity, who, according to their editor, need a dose of the real deal so they travel to a ranch for a little bit of firsthand experience. I didn’t, however, like this story. It had all the potential with the heroine being a famous writer who’s in a conflict with her editor about how real cowboys live and love. So our heroine packs her things, gets into her car and starts driving. During her roadtrip she has an accident where she has amnesia, is found by a complete stranger who’s actually the seventy year old best friend cowboy of the hero who’s there to pick up the woman the hero is going to fake marry in order to fool his grandmother into thinking he has his future all figured out so she can give over the ownership of the ranch he’s loved and worked for all his life to him.

A couple of problems I had with this book. First of all, I truly believe amnesia should be taken seriously, and if a woman can’t even remember who she is, her own name or what she does or where she lives, then she should know better than to get in a car with a complete stranger. Even if he’s seventy years old and looks harmless. People get into more trouble for less. And of course she should be worried that she doesn’t even know her own name instead of preparing for a wedding she can’t remember she agreed to. Even though the people look and act nice and as if she’s supposed to be there. Again, people get into more trouble for less.
It wasn’t just these issues from the beginning of the book, but more throughout the story that bugged me. From the way the heroine being worried more about her headache on her supposed wedding day than her amnesia, to the old man who picked her up from the middle of the road with only one small luggage in her hands and mud and bruises all over her, not at all being concerned about, well, her being in the middle of the road with nothing but a small luggage and mud and bruises all over her. The book is supposed to be a funny blunder of weird circumstances, but it frustrated me more than it made me laugh.

The characters weren’t any better. Michelle, the writer heroine, was a shadow of the city-girl-finding-herself-in-the-country type. The first half of the book she couldn’t remember who she was so we didn’t have a chance to get to know her better and thus connect with her, and the other half, after she remembered, there wasn’t enough time left for us to make the connection. The hero, Tag, the hardworking cowboy, was an unpredictable man at his best. Not only I couldn’t connect with or care for him, he came off as one dimensional. And he had thought swings like no one’s business. One minute he’s worried that Michelle can have a husband or even children somewhere out there, and the next, he has no problem sleeping with her.

I’m sorry to say this book, although promised a fun plotline, disappointed me a great deal. I’m adding one spoonful of this story into my hodgepodge.




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