Review ~ Cold Iron by D. L. McDermott


Book: Cold Iron

Series: Cold Iron #1

Author: D. L. McDermott

Format: e-book

Page Count: 381

Published: Pocket Star, February 10, 2014

Source: Publisher


 The Fae, the Good Neighbors, the Fair Folk, the Aes Sídhe, creatures of preternatural beauty and seduction. Archaeologist Beth Carter doesn’t believe in them. She’s always credited her extraordinary ability to identify ancient Celtic sites to hard work and intuition—until she discovers a tomb filled with ancient treasure but missing a body. Her ex-husband, the scholar who stifled her career to advance his own, is unconcerned. Corpses don’t fetch much on the antiquities market. Gold does. Beth knows from past experience that if she isn’t vigilant, Frank will make off with the hoard.

So when a man—tall, broad shouldered, and impossibly handsome—turns up in her bedroom claiming to be the tomb’s inhabitant, one of mythic god-kings of old Ireland, Beth believes it is a ploy cooked up by her ex-husband to scare her away from the excavation.

But Conn is all too real. Ancient, alien, irresistible, the Fae are the stuff of dreams and nightmares, their attentions so addictive their abandoned human lovers wither and die. And this one has fixed his supernatural desire on Beth.


I’m no stranger to the Fae race. Although, they weren’t exactly the bring-home-to-your-momma kinda heroes. They still aren’t in this book, but at least you can assure your mom that your man loves you and would pretty much give up his immortality to be with you. Well, Beth Carter can. Me, I haven’t found a gorgeous Fae of my own to play with. Yet.

Beth is an archeologist who has a knack for finding ancient Celtic sites to dig, and she believes her ability depends heavily on instinct. Well, she’s about to be proven wrong when she stumbles upon a tomb filled with treasure, and the owner seems to be mysteriously missing. With a precious sword coming to her possession and the tomb owner, beautiful Fae Conn hot on her heels, as well as others, Beth is catapulted into a world of magic, beauty combined with cruelty, and discovers that her instinct may just be something a little bit more.


Not only the cover of this book appealed to me for obvious reasons, the characteristics of the Fae race was intriguing. I love my heroes making sacrifices and pledging their love for their women, but it makes things interesting when the hero is closer to the dark side than usual. It presents a challenge for both the author and the reader, because you don’t know what to expect from the characters. They can be caring when you expect them to be cruel, and cruel when you expect them to be caring. This was the case with the Fae. They’ve been alive for, oh I don’t know how long, so they have a different view of right and wrong. They have their own laws and rules, and they’re incapable of understanding human emotions. I think automatically this makes them interesting characters, and if I may say so, quite fun to read. Although it’s been pointed out that Conn has more human emotion than any regular Fae-and let’s face it, if he didn’t, then we wouldn’t have had this book anyway- he can still be unpredictable at times. He had to be because his logic was different. But that doesn’t take anything from his appeal, if anything, it adds more, and you can’t help but like him.

Beth was, well, human for starters, so she was more emotional, but she did possess a backbone. She was blindsided with the world of Fae, and with no room to breathe or prepare herself, she had to fight for her life. One can respect a woman who can hold her own under such circumstances. And for all that she’s been through, I think she passed with flying colors.

The book has a large number of pages, but it wasn’t hard to read them. I even thought a few of the details, some epilogue material were left out. When the characters have been through such ordeals like the ones Beth and Conn have, one tends to expect a conversation here, or a monologue there to see how they managed to handle it. I thought this was missing, especially in the end.

An engaging plot with your ever friendly-not!– Fae, combined with interesting characters, this was a fun read, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with some of the other characters.

I’m adding three spoonfuls of this fast paced, Fae filled story into my hodgepodge.




Cold Iron series by D. L. McDermott:

  1. Cold Iron
  2. Silver Skin
  3. Stone Song

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