ARC Review ~ Catching Heat by Alison Packard

CatchingHeatBook: Catching Heat

Series: Feeling The Heat #3

Author: Alison Packard

Format: e-book

Page Count: 267

Published: Carina Press, February 10, 2014

Source: Publisher



When I realized there was going to be yet another installment to Alison Packard’s Feeling The Heat series, I have to say I was ecstatic. I read the previous book, The Winning Season, completely by chance, simply because I liked the idea of a book about baseball players. And, okay, yes, because I loved the cover. But it turned out to be a good romance with real characters. So, you can imagine me jumping at the chance for this next book.

This time we’re with J.T. and Angie, friends of the previous couple whose possible happy ever after was hinted in The Winning Season. Although the hero is a baseball player, the book doesn’t spend much time on the field. As opposed to Matt, hero of the previous book whose main storyline was about him settling into his new team, J.T.’s main storyline lies in the ups and downs of his relationship with Angie, and the fact that together they have to deal with an unexpected pregnancy.

As a hero J.T. was far from perfect. But he made up for it in the clumsy way he loved Angie and cared for their child. As expected from a good hero, he made mistakes but he also knew to own up to them. Usually it is the woman who’s more open and willing when it comes to romance, but in this case, it was J.T. who was the first one to fall, and hard. He was the one who had to force his way into Angie’s heart and convince her that he was more, which was nice. And Angie had her reasons for being wary. She was portrayed as a strong woman, always with a plan, and it was fun to sit back and read her deal with a surprise for a change. I liked and respected her as a woman.
I don’t think I can say any more about these two without actually spoiling anything, except that they made a good, loving pair, one of those couples that make you a little envious because they’re so affectionate and warm. Plus, they had that extra baby factor, one of my favorite subplots. It adds so much more to the romance when written nicely, and Alison Packard involved the pregnancy so delicately into the romance, as a subtle steady line on the background that waited for the right time.

I can honestly say that I cannot wait for more of this series. In fact, while reading this book I couldn’t help but wonder if there could be a possible pairing in the future. I’ll sure keep my fingers crossed.
A nicely written, heartwarming story of two people who are just right for each other, I recommend these books to those who, like me, have a soft spot for a baby bump in their warm romance.

I’m putting four spoonfuls of this lovely story into my hodgepodge and wonder if Angie and J.T. would ever let me squish the tiny cheeks of-ahem- I mean babysit their child.




Feeling The Heat series by Alison Packard:

  1. Love In The Afternoon
  2. The Winning Season
  3. Catching Heat

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