Review ~ Safe In His Arms by Renee Rose

SafeInHısArmsBook: Safe In His Arms


Author: Renee Rose

Format: e-book

Page Count: 88

Published: Stormy Night Publications, July, 2013

Source: Publisher


As an erotic contemporary romance story, Safe In His Arms felt short. The novella is about Becca, a young woman who longs for a spanking spice in her bedroom, and Zac, the undercover special ops ex marine who’s more than happy to help her out.

For starters, I think for the general plot, this novella should’ve been a full blown novel. It may be an erotic story, but the subplot of assassin involvement in Becca’s life, the mystery of who is behind the act of treachery, and the fact that Becca and Zac have a child, all required more exploration. Unfortunately we never get fulfilled regarding these issues. The only thing we enjoy to the fullest is the spanking. And though I’m up for a bit of that action, the way it was told, it seemed like they took the spanking and made it more than kinky bed play, they made it a way to resolve their arguments and issues. Whenever Becca tried to argue a point with him, he spanks her. If Becca doesn’t want him to give their son ice cream before dinner, Zac spanks her. Becca is aroused, Becca is out of the shower, Becca is bored, Zac spanks her. I haven’t read any domestic discipline books before this, so I don’t know if this is the general tone of these books, but I can say I wasn’t overjoyed with the way they integrated their kink into their lives.
I did, however, like the idea of flashbacks appearing every once in a while before a chapter. They added a nice touch and romanticism into the story.

As for the hero and the heroine’s romance, I didn’t think they had that. It was as if they met, had spanking sex, and then Becca was pregnant and Zac was away. It’s seven years later, and suddenly Zac is back and so is the spanking, and even the existence of a child doesn’t make much of a difference between them. Which was another problem I had with this story. When a child is involved I’m one to look for caution and emotion. However in this case, the potential emotional engagement is wiped away by their child’s-what I can only call- psychic powers that enabled him to meet with his dad years ago. So when Zac finally shows up, they don’t have to go into the whole father/son reunion because they’ve known each other on the psychic plane. That, I’m afraid, didn’t make sense to me at all, and it didn’t fit into the story.

The characters didn’t impress me, either as individuals or as a couple. Becca was too submissive for my taste in a heroine, and Zac was too pressing in his role of the dominant. If their dominance/submission play was limited to their bedroom, I could understand that. But we’re talking about a woman who raised her child for seven years without his father, she should have every right to demand an overview of how they were to proceed since Zac is now being involved, or how they are going to blend him into their lives, but the one tiny attempt she makes is shut down by Zac’s spanking yet again. I would’ve preferred a few more chapters to resolve this issue rather than read about Zac bending Becca over his knee for ‘punishment’.

A short story that I wish was longer to accommodate the emotional, I recommend this book to those who want their erotica with a lot of spanking without much plot to get in the way.

I’m adding one spoonful of this spanking into my hodgepodge and hope Zac doesn’t come to punish me!




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