Review ~ Grave Intentions by Lori Sjoberg

GraveIntentionsBook: Grave Intentions

Series: Grave #1

Author: Lori Sjoberg

Format: e-book

Page Count: 294

Published: Kensington Books, January, 2013

Source: Own Library


Who doesn’t think that death is an interesting subject? Especially in today’s fascination with vampires, shapeshifters, demons and all the other undead or long living creatures, it’s hard to think of death solely in the context of sadness. Nope, death makes an interesting life choice these days, presenting fantasies of eternal life. So it’s no wonder when I came across this series that deals with reapers who collect souls for Fate, I was very very intrigued.

This time we’re not talking about creatures who are either born or turned into immortals against their wills, but humans who are given a second chance at righting their wrongs in the form of becoming reapers. One such human is David, a long time dead soldier, and when I say long time, I mean about sixty or so years, who’s balancing his undead life between reaping souls, dividing up schedules for his subordinate reapers and training his current newbie into the death business. He’s quite a busy man, but things get busier when Sarah enters the picture, the human woman who very unexpectedly and surprisingly turns his routine upside down and dodges all his attempts at Jedi mind tricks.

Having read enough paranormal romance novels, I gotta say this, I love my dark and brooding hero. The possessive hunk. The one that at first tries to keep his woman away until he realizes how futile that attempt is. I also love my sexy flirty hero, the one that works his charm at every opportunity and doesn’t necessarily care for monogamy until the right woman. And then there was David. I guess one can say he was somewhat of a blend of the two. I loved how David was one of the most gentlemanly of heroes I’ve read so far. Sure, he has that possessiveness that we love in a man, but he was no asshole about it. It’s a fine line which thankfully many of my favorite authors don’t cross, but it’s there. David though, he walked a good distance away from it. Even though his act was tough, he was all about emotions and Sarah, and that was very endearing.

What I loved about both their relationship and the two as individuals was that there was no big show, a back and forth that stretched out about an is-this-love issue. The parts where they both realized their thing was more than sex was over quickly without much denial and drama which I very much appreciated.

I must’ve said this many times, but I do have an uncontrollable pet peeve when it comes to women in romances. Especially paranormal stories. I’m always up for a woman who knows how to take care of herself, one who fights and kicks ass, but I also want her to have some weakness. A little something that makes her human, so to speak. I’ve found Sarah to be a great heroine. She was tough and determined, she knew what she wanted and how. She wasn’t superhuman but she was stronger than many. And she fit the ideal heroine profile I have in my mind. Along with David, and all my favorite heroes and heroines, she had her flaws. But she also possessed strength and intelligence.

A very intriguing plotline, with characters that are very much likable and relatable, this was a refreshing, lively look at death and I personally cannot wait to read more of these poor unfortunate reapers finding their salvation.

I’m adding five big spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.


Grave series by Lori Sjoberg:

  1. Grave Intentions
  2. Grave Destinations

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