Review ~ Always On My Mind by Jill Shalvis

AlwaysOnMyMindBook: Always On My Mind

Series: Lucky Harbor #8

Author: Jill Shalvis

Format: e-book

Page Count: 368

Published: Grand Central Publishing, 2013

Source: Own Library


I’ve always been a fan of friends-to-lovers stories. They’re my favorite along with bickering couples. Which is why I soaked up the story of Leah and Jack.
The teasing sexy firefighter of Lucky Harbor finally gets his happy ever after with the cute pastry chef of this small town.

We already met with the both of them from the previous book, as Jack being Luke’s best friend, and Leah being one of the girl power trio. Anyone who read that book knew that the two had chemistry off the pages somewhere, and when I found out they also used to be neighbors and best friends since they were young, I was so excited. There’s nothing sweeter when the young girl next door crawls into the window of the young boy and they spend hours sharing their pain, their joy and lots in between. So it was no surprise that some of my favorite parts of the book belonged to their childhood memories.

As for when they became adults though, things turned complicated. As much as I loved them as a couple, I have to say they were pretty impressive as individuals, Jack and Leah. Although we met Jack as the playful best friend of Luke, the hero of the previous book, in his own story he showed us the serious, workaholic, tough side of Jack the Firefighter. I was halfway in love with him already, but the concern and care he showed his best friend, and I don’t mean Luke, pretty much blew my love off the chart. Jack’s despair over his constant effort to be worthy of the memory of his father, his worry over the condition of his mother, and his endless struggle with his deep feelings for Leah made a good and strong plot. He was a man with his feet firmly on the ground, but he sure knew how to sweep Lead off of hers.

And Leah. She started off as the cheerful friend, but we quickly found out that there was more than met the eye. Yes, she was outgoing and lively, but there was a sadness to her, an impulsiveness that made her run away and scared from any chance to be happy. It was no wonder that the only one who could make her whole again and make everything better would be the man who shared everything with her in the first place.

Good storytelling too, because most of the time I felt like an intruder in Jack and Leah’s relationship. I guess that’s a sign in itself that they were very much meant for each other and anyone else just wouldn’t do.

Yet another great story from one of the couples of Lucky Harbor, and I’m adding four big spoonfuls of it into my hodgepodge.




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