Review ~ Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler

BegMeToSlayBook: Beg Me to Slay


Author: Lisa Kessler

Format: e-book

Page Count: 200

Published: Entangled: Covet, December 30th, 2013

Source: Publisher


We’re dealing with demons, and this is a paranormal romance story, but I found the scales tipped more towards the romance than paranormal.
Tegan is attacked four years ago and trying to get back on her feet, working her way out of being a victim, and so far she’s been pretty good at it. She’s worked on her self defense skills and now even has her own place where she passes her knowledge on to her students. One night she sees her attacker burying the body of another woman and it all comes rushing back to her, her attack four years ago, her very unusual tormentor with glowing eyes and a tendency to take a bite. Enter, Gabe, a private investigator/paranormal detective who accepts to help Tegan get rid of her assailant once and for all.

The demon plot was interesting but I felt like it was not complete. We deal more about Gabe’s and Tegan’s internal dilemmas about moving on with their lives after the traumas they’ve been through, rather than the immediate and more pressing demon vanquishing duties. To be fair, they do deal with the demon problem, but it’s more like a secondary plot in this paranormal story. I like my emotional and sexy, I like the story of how the hero and the heroine fall in love, but when there’s a plot, and one that interests me, I don’t want all that to push it into the background.

Speaking of plotting, the world building wasn’t as good and detailed as I’d imagined. Again, it was a very interesting plot, I love stories to do with demons after all, but we ran headlong into the story that I knew exactly how the heroine must’ve felt. She was clueless about what was going on and so were we. I can understand finding things out as we go along, but we had the advantage of the hero’s point of view and that wasn’t used as well as I would’ve preferred.

I’m a sucker for bad boys. Bad boys who dress dark, who look mysterious and dangerous, men who say little but look plenty. So when I first met Gabe, he was quite the perfect hero with his ‘don’t mess with me’ demeanor. But that changed quickly after he met with Tegan. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect the hero to stay exactly the same after meeting his heroine, but I wish Gabe could’ve kept his brooding personality a little. I liked his charming, flirtatious side, but it would’ve been so much better if that was coupled up with the bad boy image he had going on at the start.

The relationship between Gabe and Tegan was nice but felt a bit rushed too. This was no novella but it did have a feel of a novella to it since in a full novel I would’ve expected more relationship development and emotional dilemma. Part of the plot is about Tegan’s past attack, and part of it belongs to Gabe, but I thought Gabe’s story and how he resolved things wasn’t satisfactory. Tegan’s ancestry also has a role in things but we never get a chance to delve into that. We breeze through this bit of information and jump right to the conclusion whereas I’d have preferred to be given more of her history and her people’s beliefs.

This was a nice story that could’ve embraced its paranormal side a little bit more. It’s nowhere near going to be the last I read from this author though, there was a short introduction to a series of hers at the end and that got my attention as well. Anything to do with shifters is always welcome in my book after all.

I’m adding three spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge. Uh-oh, is that Lago perched on my kitchen window? He must’ve smelled my delicious hodgepodge. No luck, Lago!


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