Review~ Kiss of The Betrayer by Boone Brux

KissOfTheBetrayerBook: Kiss of The Betrayer

Series: Bringer And The Bane #2

Author: Boone Brux

Format: e-book

Page Count: 400

Published: Entangled Select, 2012

Source: Own Library


Oh how I love it when the womanizer falls in love. Even though we haven’t much seen the hero actually womanizing anyone, we know his type, it’s been mentioned by almost everyone and then he meets a woman who not only seems like she’s not swayed by his obvious gorgeous looks, but also like she very much wants him dead. Hmm. Can you feel the sparks of chemistry from just these few lines?

Our hero is yet another Bringer, Luc, who’s reluctant in both his abilities and his worth as a Bringer. Jade, our heroine, agrees. For reasons yet unknown to us, she wants him dead and though she tries hard, and I admit she really tries, she can’t quite manage it, and before she knows it, he saves her life. Now, what’s a gal to do?

I found Jade to be a character I could easily sympathize with. She had a lot on her plate, a lot of emotional baggage that she managed to carry for many years. She’s stuck in between two sides of one war. The good, for her, seems bad enough and the bad has been somewhat good all her life. It may not make sense right now, and although I know it’s all revealed early in the book, I sill don’t want to spoil anything yet. One might even suspect it, but I’d rather have the reader see it for themselves.

Luc, for all his flirtatious ways and everybody hinting at his life as a rake, was not that bad since the start of the series, let me tell you. We met Jade in the first book, and it was clear he was attracted to her, and that attraction grew to something deeper and more meaningful in this book. His instinct to save and protect Jade help him battle his own demons-no pun intended, just to be clear- and in turn Jade finally realizes that the good world of the Bringers just may not be so bad. They heal each other in ways they didn’t even know they were broken, and I loved their interactions. They were flirting, they were fighting, and when they loved, it was sweet. I thought they were both vulnerable even though they clearly pretended otherwise in their own ways.

I really liked this series, and the involvement of dragons-oh yes there are dragons, people!- is making this series a little extra special because I love my scaled beasts. But it’s yet another gem I’m glad to have found, and I can’t wait for the next book where hopefully some mysteries that I’ve been dying to know from the start will be revealed.

So I’m putting four big spoonfuls of this fun story into my hodgepodge and move right on to the next one.


Bringer and The Bane series by Boone Brux:

  1. Shield of Fire
  2. Kiss of The Betrayer
  3. Chain of Illusions

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