Review~ Shield of Fire by Boone Brux

ShieldOfFireBook: Shield of Fire

Series: Bringer And The Bane #1

Author: Boone Brux

Format: e-book

Page Count: 320

Published: Entangled Publishing,LLC, 2011

Source: Own Library


As much fun as it is reading about vampires and shifters, apparently reading about demons can be just the same. They all have their dark sides, sure, but the word demon is enough to tip the scales in favor of evil. And the demons in these books, well, I guess they are the bad guys- they’re called the Bane– but that’s okay because we have our heroes and heroines to fight against them. Such as Rhys. He’s a Bringer, the eternal enemy and destroyer of the demons called the Bane. His specialty among the Bringers is Shield, and you can guess what that means as the name is pretty self explanatory. One faithful night, he saves a clueless young woman, Ravyn, from the clutches of yet another Bane, and starts the story for us hungry readers. Ravyn is a woman who grew up in a monastery with almost no contact whatsoever with the outside world so when I say she’s clueless, I mean she’s really clueless. She thinks the Bane is just a bed time scary story, and the Bringers are just a legend. Boy, is she in for a surprise.

It’s exciting to start a new story, being inside a new world and meeting new characters. Sometimes it’s only okay, sometimes it unfortunately doesn’t interest you, and sometimes-and this happens to me mostly, thank God- it grabs your attention and holds on. Can you guess which one was this? Why, yes, this story sure grabbed tight.

The characters were likable, with Rhys’ protective personality, he was a true hero material. He was dark and dangerous, sure, but what I liked most about him was his emotional side. I thought he was somewhat more sensitive than any previous paranormal heroes I’ve read. He took his duties as a Shield very seriously, and when he failed, even under circumstances out of his control, his guilt ate at him. I don’t remember reading a man who was so open about his feelings and so accepting and sure of his love.
Ravyn was also a good written character. Being a stranger to the world and yet being a strong woman who comes to realize her worth and powers is one of my pet peeves in fiction. Every time I see a heroine who has the potential to kick ass, I try to take it easy, but thankfully my fears for Ravyn were unfounded. I found her to be quite relatable. After being secreted away for years, emotionally abused by the monastery members about who she might be, she was intent on gaining her freedom in every way. She still depended on Rhys about this new world, but when the time came for her to stand on her own two feet, she was more than willing and quite successful.

Remember the Bane I mentioned whose clutches Rhys saved Ravyn from on the first night of this story? Don’t think that’s an ordinary demon, for now he seemed like the anti hero, the overall bad guy, and yet I couldn’t hate him. There was something that attracted him to me as a character, and I believe the author did this on purpose. There’s still much to be found out about that demon.

As a series first, I say this was a success. There were enough breadcrumbs to keep my interest throughout the whole book, and there was enough mystery to keep me wondering and wanting the next book.

I’m adding four big spoonfuls of this exciting story of magic into my hodgepodge, and see how good I am at reading demons.


Bringer and The Bane series by Boone Brux:

  1. Shield of Fire
  2. Kiss of The Betrayer
  3. Chain of Illusions

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