Review~ To Please A Lady by Lori Brighton

ToPleaseALadyBook: To Please A Lady

Series: Seduction #3

Author: Lori Brighton

Format: e-book

Page Count: 312

Published: Montlake Romance, 2013

Source: Publisher


So, as much as I love the dark and brooding, as evident from this book, the sweet and gentle can also be sexy. The third and final book in Lori Brighton’s Seduction series tells the story of James, the always loyal member of Lady Lavender’s brothel for women, and Eleanor, the unfortunate wife looking for passion.

From the very first of these books I knew I loved all three of these men. They were all very different from another yet I was able to find at least one trait about each that enamored me to them. Alex was the rebellious gentleman who spoke to the romantic in me, Gideon was the silent dangerous one who spoke to the naughty in me, and finally James was the sweet caring one who spoke to the good girl in me. I think of all the three of them Gideon might still be my favorite for obvious reasons, but James and Alex also wormed their way up to that land of love of mine for fictional characters.

I felt for James, angry at the way he’d been treated by Lady Lavender even though he seemed to be her favorite, and maybe that was the worst. I felt compassion for him because he was so loyal and unquestioning towards his captor, Lady Lavender, a true optimist if there ever was one in that place. He was childish somewhat in his view of the world he lived in, in the way he saw his employment at the brothel, and I could understand Alex and Gideon’s frustration at his naiveté. It took a while for James to question why and how he was at Lady Lavender’s, most likely thanks to a woman who was trying to escape her own demons. There are no words to explain just how protective I felt towards James because he was the most vulnerable among the three simply because he was the one who wanted to believe the good in Lady Lavender the most.
And poor Eleanor, or Ellie as James liked to refer to her. She was one the most unfortunate heroines I came across in a historical romance and I couldn’t be happier for her to find her happiness, and to think she found it in the arms of sweet dear James who deserved love and caring just as much as she did, made it all the better. She was a truly strong woman, a wonderful match for James’ kind heart.

As the books progressed, we got piece after piece about who Lady Lavender was, and how she came to be who she was and why, and the final pieces came in James’ book to complete the picture. Up until now we’ve discovered certain things, but along with this book, the book of her favorite pet, we were able to see her point of view a little, for until now we’ve only read her through the eyes of others. There wasn’t a huge revelation befitting a final book, or at least as much as I might’ve expected, but the things we learnt so far were more than enough. Besides, I think the biggest leap of all was James’ loyalty crumbling, him finally starting to question the woman he felt compelled to respect for all these years.

I loved how all the characters, Alex and Gideon and their families, coming together once more to say goodbye to the reader, a wonderful family reunion hinting to many more to come off the pages. I loved each and every one of them, loved to see them finally finding the happiness they deserved, and although I could’ve certainly done with a more detailed epilogue, I liked the way things ended. There were a few side characters that I was hoping would make a more romantic reappearance but oh well, I have to be content with what I was given.

A sweet series that I’m very much glad to have discovered and that I recommend to all those who like historical romances as much as I do.

I’m adding four big spoonfuls of this lovely end into my hodgepodge and yum.


Seduction series by Lori Brighton:

  1. To Seduce An Earl
  2. To Capture A Rake
  3. To Please A Lady

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