Review~ To Capture a Rake by Lori Brighton

ToCaptureARakeBook: To Capture A Rake

Series: Seduction #2

Author: Lori Brighton

Format: e-book

Page Count: 302

Published: Montlake Romance, 2013

Source: Own Library


As much as I’ve set myself up for a tough challenge and a tight schedule in order to read this series from the first book, oh how glad I am I made my decision this way. Having read the two so far and with only the last one remaining, this was surely the right move, because the general plot is thickening and the puzzle pieces are coming together.
The second book of this rare gem of a series is about Gideon, the silent, strong, dominant mountain of a man who works at Lady Lavender’s, the pleasure house for women, and he’s hired out for two weeks to Elizabeth, the mysterious young widow who miraculously convinces Lady Lavender to this deed.

What I love about these books is not that they’re only about two people coming together to find their happy ever after, nor is it about the sexual fit the hero and heroine form, but it’s the emotions the men possess, the psychology resulting from their time in Lady Lavender’s employ. With each book and each hero, I’m looking forward to what I’ll discover about their personalities and how they’ll come to love their partners. And could it possibly be too predictable of me to have looked forward to Gideon’s story the most? The tall, dark and dangerous? I say not. There’s something just a little too exciting, a bit too toe curling about a man such as him. The man is not charming, certainly not gentle-he likes it a tad on the rougher side in bed, he likes to dominate his women- a clear way, perhaps, to understand his character better since he has no control over anything else in his life.

Is it a surprise I loved Gideon? I think not. He was one of those fictional men who’s a rock on the outside but on the inside, well, still a rock but a rock that cares and loves and protects. Gideon, oh Gideon. As a man who has left all human emotion behind him over the years, Gideon was hell bent on escaping the clutches of Lady Lavender the Great Bitch-okay, maybe I added that last part. So when opportunity knocks in the guise of Elizabeth who wants him out of Lady Lavender’s for two weeks, a plan forms in his head; seduce the woman, grab some of her money and run. But things hardly ever go as planned in these romances as we’ve all realized that by now and Elizabeth turns out not just as the opportunity for his escape but as the savior of his soul. A bit too dramatic and romantic even for me, I know, but I couldn’t help it.
Elizabeth was such a good match for the hardness that was Gideon. She was hope and light personified, she was naive in a way, and yet she was strong. She was also a woman with her own secrets but it looks like she had such a great heart and a clear conscience that she was able to keep up with everyone’s everything. Oh, and she has two sweet little children who took an instant liking to Gideon which has led yours truly to love the man even more, because you know how a man with children is just too irresistible.

As per the way with these books, I believe, we found out individual secrets about Gideon but also picked up a few more breadcrumbs as to who Lady Lavender is, who happens to be the grander plot. It will hopefully all be completely revealed in the last book, and I personally can’t wait to see the whole picture.

A wonderful addition to the series that was worth my time as a hermit. Now, on to the next and the last one. Sweet James, I don’t know if you can ever top my love for Gideon, but your place is already reserved on my favorites shelf along with Alex.

I’m putting five big spoonfuls of this man-ahem, I mean story- into my hodgepodge.


Seduction series by Lori Brighton:

  1. To Seduce An Earl
  2. To Capture A Rake
  3. To Please A Lady

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