Review~ The Highland Bride’s Choice by Amanda Forester

HighlandBridesChoiceBook: The Highland Bride’s Choice

Series: Campbell Sisters #1

Author: Amanda Forester

Format: e-book

Page Count: 93

Published: Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2013

Source: Publisher


This was a sweet novella. As the term suggests, it was short and yet to the point. Laird Campbell is trying to marry off his sisters one by one, and the first one to go is Elyne Campbell, the practical sister. She’s happy to do her duty and marry the man her brother chooses for her, and yet when the groom’s party arrives, she realizes she’s more attracted to her intended’s cousin, Tavish Grant, than the groom himself. Somewhere along the story, the two get stranded in an abandoned cottage, and that seems to be the cherry on top in their complicated situation.

Despite this story being short, I easily bought into the romance of the hero and the heroine. Perhaps the setting of the cottage and the fact that they couldn’t leave the place for a while and had to spend the night with each other has affected my judgment, but with limited on page time, a confined space and a short time, the author still managed to convince me of their feelings. Elyne and Tavish were both likable characters, I especially liked Tavish taking life a little on the lighter side. He was funny, and even though Elyne was instantly smitten, it seemed to me like it took him a tiny bit more to realize she was a woman, and not his cousin’s intended. I liked that.

Since this was a novella, and a somewhat introduction to the author’s Regency series, there wasn’t much plot to go on with, except for the period’s required battle between the English and the Highlanders. A fact, I admit, -the lack of plot that is- that didn’t bother me in the least, with the funny dialogue and the easy banter between the characters.

A sweet romance that’s a nice start to a series of novellas about three sisters. I’m now curious as to how the remaining sisters will do, and how their descendants will fare in their Regency stories.

I’m putting three spoonfuls of this lovely novella into my hodgepodge. Yum!


Campbell Sisters series by Amanda Forester:

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  2. The Trouble With a Highland Bride

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