Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

MagicStrikesBook: Magic Strikes

Series: Kate Daniels #3

Author: Ilona Andrews

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 310

Published: Gollanz, 2010

Source:ย Local Library


Since I don’t have the next book in the series and so cannot continue with my marathon, I thought I might as well write a review for this one and prolong my pleasure. Ah, the mind keeps working!

It surprises me every time, how much can authors come up with using only their imagination. Kate Daniels series, with its characters, plot lines and world building, is a true gem, I gotta say. Having finished the third book, I’m sucked in the world of Kate more and more, and I find myself turning the pages with enthusiasm, wanting to find out what’s expecting Kate and her posse. Yes, I call them her posse now, even though she’s been a loner up until now, I guess even she can’t deny that she’s a loner no more.

I liked that although Kate works alone, she came together with shapeshifters for a common goal. Since I’ve been reading one after the other, I can’t separate the facts of different books and so can’t exactly remember who appeared when and where, but some of the characters that came together with Kate for this book’s plot were known from the start. Some, we met during the previous book, and I liked every single one of them. From Kate’s teenage werewolf sidekick-her words, not mine-, to the Beast Lord of Atlanta-Your High and Mightyness-, to Kate’s long time occasional magic clean-up partner Jim, to her gun loving kickass new best friend Andrea, to Andrea’s new werehyena shadow and very much lovable Raphael-hear me, hear me, Andrea-, to the good doctor Doolittle-whose name has me smile every time-, to the shapeshifter extraordinaire Saiman, to finally Kate’s kid, Julie, every single one of them makes this book worth reading.

Even the bad guys glue you to the book. I wanted to know everything about them, and some, I wished we could’ve known even better. An intriguing bad guy is one of the keys of a good book, and Kate Daniels delivers every time.

The deadly games that the story revolved around were interesting. In an action filled book, who doesn’t love a tournament where the victors are the only ones to survive?

The general plot is evolving, we’re getting closer and closer to Kate and her greatest adversary, and I like the way her past is given to us little by little. Apart from her gaining more powers to finally be able to defeat her enemy, I believe the fact that she’s making friends and allies is going to be a great plus for her. Perhaps one thing her father might’ve been wrong about, hmm?

Having finished this book, I don’t have the next one at the ready, a fact that saddens me a great deal, one that I will not let happen again in the future. However, a girl’s gotta read, so let’s discover some other worlds and characters until I can meet up with Kate and her gang again. Unless, perhaps, I can summon them? Is the magic up these days? Maybe if I screw up some magic, Kate will appear to clean it up. With my luck, though, I’ll probably summon a two-headed mindless dragon that’ll crush me under its feet and then I’ll have no hope to ever finish this series. Hmm, something to think about. In the meantime, let me put five big spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge while the memory is still fresh.


Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews:

  1. Magic Bites
  2. Magic Burns
  3. Magic Strikes
  4. Magic Bleeds
  5. Magic Slays
  6. Magic Rises

8 thoughts on “Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

  1. I love it when I find a new series like to sink my teeth into! I’m currently saving up Richelle Mead’s VA spin off series so I can read that all in a row and binge out! yey. ๐Ÿ™‚

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