Play Me by Diane Alberts

PlayMeBook: Play Me

Series: Take a Chance #3

Author: Diane Alberts

Format: e-book

Page Count: 141

Published: Entangled Ever After, 2013

Source: Publisher


I really wanted to love this book. Not only was the cover very appealing that I still find myself ogling it whenever I open the book’s page, but the plot was also very promising.

A friends to lovers story between Garrett and Kiersten who’ve known each other since high school. Garrett is now the middle school basketball coach to Kiersten’s young nephew, and pretending he isn’t lusting after her, while Kiersten keeps him strictly friend-zoned while she’s recovering from a bad break up where her fiancee cheated on her. Their dynamic has a drastic change, however, when Kiersten decides she’s had enough of being single and what intended as a one night stand turns into a lifelong responsibility.

I have an attraction towards stories that involve children, or situations where the couple faces an unexpected pregnancy, so this plot, along with the friends to lovers storyline, was an instant eye catcher for me. But in the end, I found it lacked a certain depth, a connection between me and the characters. From the first page to the last, I couldn’t find a way to sympathize with either the hero or the heroine. We ran headlong into their story, and I didn’t know any more about them in the end than I did at the start.

Kiersten, I’m sad to say, wasn’t a heroine I liked very much. She had been through a lot, she had lost a sister whose son she had been taking care of ever since, and very recently her fiancee cheated on her. I know break ups can be a pain, I can especially understand any trust issues after a cheating partner, but I felt like her situation was a little dramatized. Now, I don’t have a teenage son, so I wouldn’t know the kind of attention to be paid in relationships considering the child, but I really thought it was more about Kiersten’s own trust issues rather than her responsibility for her nephew. She kept throwing her nephew as an excuse not to engage in anything more than a night, but it didn’t convince me. All through the book she went back and forth with her feelings and insecurities that it got tiring after a while. Hers wasn’t the kind of overcoming problems story, it felt more like mood swings.

Garrett, again I’m sad to say, didn’t score any better in my hero meter either. He had no baggage other than being secretly in love with Kiersten, and even though it’s no reason to like him any less, he seemed to have no other level. He was a middle school basketball coach and math teacher yet we’ve seen no other aspect of his life. He was all for Kiersten, and though I love a devoted man, it would’ve been nice to see some other, not Kiersten related, side of him.

The romance wasn’t much convincing either in my opinion. I just couldn’t see the spark between the characters, except for in the bedroom, but since I couldn’t see Kiersten’s character healing, I couldn’t make the leap from their lust to their love with them.

A promising plot that, for me, lacked any buildup, with characters whose struggle I couldn’t identify or connect with, this book wasn’t as good as I wished it to be. So I’ll be adding two spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.


Take a Chance Series by Diane Alberts:

  1. Try Me
  2. Love Me
  3. Play Me

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