Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning

Shadowfever2Book: Shadowfever

Series: Fever #5

Author: Karen Marie Moning

Format: Hardback

Page Count: 594

Published: Delacorte Press, 2011

Source: Local library


It’s been now, twenty four hours since I finished this book. And one would think, with all my excitement to see how things were going to continue after the cliffhangers and how they were going to end, how much I wanted to devour it despite its size, and the much engaging plotline that filled every single page with a new surprise, it’d be easy to come up with a review. But no. Turns out, when you love and enjoy a book or a series as I did this one, you have a hard time conjuring the words to say how much.

By now, I can’t even remember where we left the previous book off, I’ve been reading them one after the other. Oh, the joy of catching up to a series after all the books are published! Everything is both fresh on my mind and mixed up with each other, I feel like the Fever series was one huge book that I breezed through in days. A nod of gratitude to all my friends who recommended it to me, thanks guys.

The sheer size of this book-which, my sister so nicely reminded me yesterday by asking me if this was a novel or a textbook- promises a lot. I’ve read books in the past that were thick yet empty for the most part, and I could’ve been wary, but by four books now, I think I know Karen Marie Moning’s writing enough to expect nothing less than a lot. And she does not disappoint. Plotwise, every turn of the page is another surprise, both an answer and a new question. I loved it, I loved that it kept me on my toes, made the wheels turn and turn in my head, and in the end, even my scandalous guessing mind couldn’t get a single thing right! Loved it. It’s always a pleasure to find an author who can still surprise you.

I enjoyed watching everything unfold through Mac’s eyes, I think I’m going to miss her storytelling. Ever since the start of the series, I liked her character, she might’ve seemed vain but I’ve seen enough vain people to know she had many layers underneath. And besides, a little sunshine and color is never bad for a girl!
However much I liked her as she was though, Mac’s character evolved a lot during five books. She grew from the clueless, grieving sister with no purpose, to a strong fighter with the world’s responsibility on her shoulders. She made mistakes, sure, she handled some situations perhaps a little worse than others, but that’s what I loved about her character, who wants a perfect heroine anyway?

Speaking of heroines, let’s talk about the hero a little bit. If there was any doubt in my mind as what an alpha male would be like, Jericho Barrons stepped up to center stage and shooed them away for me. What a man. Looks like I can’t get enough of imperfect, pushy, domineering characters. Throughout the series, Jericho Barrons seemed both like a bully and, well, nicer than that-I can never use the words sweet or adorable for this man, and I think he’d come and personally kick my ass if I did. I can’t deny that there were times when he frustrated me even more than he did Mac, who somehow got used to his ways, and yes, he pushed Mac around, and I know, he was a man with a motto like ‘my way or the highway which is also mine‘, but when it comes down to the basics, I know he makes my best heroes list.

I’m both happy and sad to see this series end, although it continues with a spin-off of Dani, the young sidhe-seer we met in these books, the big portion of the story is over, the one that started this whole thing, got Mac into this mess and into the arms of Jericho Barrons. There are still many other characters I’m looking forward to read about and many potential plotlines-after all, the big picture is yet to be finished-, that I will probably pick up that spin-off series as well.
If I could make one complaint though, it would be Dani’s slang. Up until this book, we didn’t spend enough time in her head I think that there was enough time for me to be irritated about it, but I have to admit, her use of the english language made my reading experience a bit difficult. I do get that it was a way to get inside her head and understand her character, a way for us to connect with her, but it could’ve been toned down a little bit. It’s a pet peeve of mine, be it slang or an accent, I find it irritating when it’s projected into the writing with almost every word. Don’t get me wrong, a characteristic word here and there is always welcome, it’s personal after all, but trying to read whole sentences this way gets tiring, especially for someone like me who tries to not only read but also imitate them-obsessive, I know.

All in all,

A wonderfully engaging, cleverly written, exciting series that I will forever recommend to anyone who’s even remotely interested in the genre. A great adventure I was happy to be a part of, and sad to see end.

It was a pleasure to read.

I can almost taste my hodgepodge as I add five huge spoonfuls/soup ladles of this surprising, wonderful, mind blowing story into it.


Fever series by Karen Marie Moning:

  1. Darkfever
  2. Bloodfever
  3. Faefever
  4. Dreamfever
  5. Shadowfever

2 thoughts on “Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning

  1. I LOVE this series, so much so – I feel a deep desire to read everyone’s reviews and thoughts on Barrons, Mac and the gang. I’m happy to see that you love this as much as I do. Hooray! The next series is good, not as great as this one in my opinion. And Dani’s language is toned down a lot (thank the lordy). 🙂

    • Haha! Thank you! I’m so glad friends insisted I read this series, I absolutely loved it! I’m not much excited about the spin-off, I liked Dani, but yeah, her slang was a little too much, and I wasn’t sure if a 13 year old would be enough to engage me, but turns out there are more mysteries and characters I wanna know, and glad to hear the language is toned down 🙂

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