MacRieve by Kresley Cole

MacrieveBook: MacRieve

Series: Immortals After Dark #13

Author: Kresley Cole

Format: Hardback

Page Count: 368

Published: Gallery Books, 2013


Talk about ‘worth waiting for’. With Macrieve, Kresley Cole delivers yet another blow to the mind, catching you off guard just how much an author can do with a tormented past and less than a hopeful future. When you think about it, I guess it might seem easy enough, a tortured past threatens the hero’s future happiness, but yeah, it’s not that easy. And god, the themes that are touched in this book..I especially love it when a story handles a particularly difficult theme so well. It’s not for everyone I tell you, but those who’re good, they do justice. And Kresley Cole? Yeah, she does justice.

Macrieve starts right off the point after the Loreans have been freed from the horrible prison where they’ve been tortured by humans. Those who follow this series will know what I’m talking about, and those who don’t, well I’m sure it’s not that hard to imagine what people can do to the unknown, especially if they believe them to be evil. But these humans, in the name of ‘examinations’, flat out torture their victims and take pleasure from it. As a victim of such a prison, Macrieve seeks vengeance against those who wronged him and his fellow Loreans. Enter, Chloe, the daughter of the man who’s responsible for that prison, the one who pulls the strings. You can imagine his shock to discover this woman as his mate. So add that to his tortured past and we got ourselves a wonderful reading experience.

Macrieve was a man worthy of anything and everything good you could dish out for him. He was the perfect example of a man with a truly horrible past, the things he had to go through, even thinking about them now makes me seethe with anger and sorrow. Without spoiling anything, although it’s all clear from early on in the book, I could most definitely understand his reluctance to trust anyone, and even though I’m a hundred percent against any kind of prejudice, I could see where he was coming from in regard to his hatred towards a certain type of Lorean. But, he still makes it work, he learns how to see things for what they really are, and in the end comes to the right conclusions.

As a man who’s been dealt with a problematic hand, he still made it impossible for me to hate him even when he was at his worst. It’s both easy and hard to explain his character, he makes so many mistakes and just when I was ready to slap some sense into him I was reminded just wronged he was and then I was back to square one. In the end, with all good and worthy-to-read heroes, he didn’t even need me to be angry with him, he did that himself, and then some. Needless to say I loved this man, he seemed like he was with so many faults and yet he was so perfect because he knew he had his faults and did his best to fix them. The imperfect yet perfect heroes make the best book boyfriends.

When I read a paranormal romance book, I try to pay extra attention to the females, so many authors make the mistake of making them somewhat grating to my senses when trying to make them strong. I’m saying all this not because Chloe was grating, but because Chloe was awesome. She was catapulted into this strange world of the Lore, with no hints as to what was going on, or even who she was, and yet she so expertly made a place for herself, not just in Macrieve’s life, but in the lives of his family. I liked the fact that she was accepted readily by everyone around her, and I loved that she was so fiercely protected by Macrieve’s twin, Munro. Are there any words to describe how wonderful that man was? I want him to be happy with all my heart, and I cannot wait for that story.

Chloe did her best when faced with the unknown, she defended herself with all her might, kept her dignity and her personality in the face of the reality of who she was and the relentless emotional attacks of Macrieve. The girl held her own, and for that, I’d say she deserves a medal, but since she got herself a sexy Lykae let’s not.

The plot was more about the emotional rather than action, but there was a lot of ground to cover so the lack of action only added to the pace of the story. That’s not to say there was none whatsoever, but the center stage belonged to both Macrieve’s and Chloe’s minds, to them coming to terms with their realities.

Great installment to a wonderful and engaging series, I can’t wait to where and who else Kresley Cole is going to take us next. And while I wait for that, I’m adding five huge spoonfuls of this great story into my hodgepodge.


Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole:

  1. The Warlord Wants Forever
  2. A Hunger Like No Other
  3. No Rest For The Wicked
  4. Wicked Deeds On a Winter’s Night
  5. Dark Deeds At Night’s Edge
  6. Dark Desires After Dusk
  7. Kiss of A Demon King
  8. Deep Kiss of Winter
  9. Pleasure of A Dark Prince
  10. Demon From The Dark
  11. Dreams of A Dark Warrior
  12. Lothaire
  13. MacRieve

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