Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

ShadowsClaimBook: Shadow’s Claim

Series: The Dacians #1

Author: Kresley Cole

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 448

Published: Pocket Books, 2012


I don’t know why I insist on having the good books age on my bookshelves. Thanks to the excitement for the publication of the new Immortals After Dark book, I remembered I had this one stacked away and wanted to give it a go while I waited. A pat on the back for me!

For those of you who’re familiar with the Immortals After Dark series, this might be considered as a spin off. We’re still in the same world, only this time we follow the sexy Dacians, a breed of vampire who closed themselves up in their land of Shadow and Mist where nobody comes in unless they’re invited, and nobody comes out unless they’re permitted. They got some serious security issues though of course things are about to change.

Trehan Daciano, the assassin of his land is sent off after a demon to kill him for breaking one of their rules, nobody comes out once they’re in. He’s cold, calculated, he lets logic and duty lead his way instead of being mingled with any kind of emotion. He’s very determined and dedicated to his job. And then he meets Bettina, the wounded yet powerful half demon half Sorceri, as a prize to be won in a tournament to the death. He has two choices, kill whoever he came for-who, by the way happens to be the demon Bettina has eyes for- and go back to his land, or stay and compete in the tournament to win the hand of his Bride. I think you can guess which option he goes with.

I absolutely loved Trehan’s character. He started off as this big emotionless duty-driven vampire, but then quickly he turned into newly awakened slave to his Bride. He was aggressive yet not at the same time, his jealousy towards the demon Bettina had a crush on was palpable, so was his anger, but he never reflected it on Bettina. Sure, he was manipulative at times, and he might’ve lost his temper once or twice and yelled or been the scary vampire that he is, but he was still careful with it all. Even the good guys in these books are still a little bad, but I thought Trehan was also a bit more sweet, especially in the way he was so clueless about how to woo his woman. Besides, a man who considers a library as his home is always a sweetheart in my book.

Bettina, I also liked. She was a wounded Queen, she had great potential and she was strong but she was also very afraid. At first. She was a typical young woman when it came to matters of the heart, and she did have crazy godparents and an even crazier tournament to deal with, so I think she handled all that brilliantly. I don’t know what I would’ve done if a giant of a demon with horns and scales all over his body was fighting in the tournament, and was almost the unofficial winner because there seemed to be no one stronger. Shivers. All. Over. So Bettina started off as meek but then with the help of both Trehan, and her own ability to believe in herself, she crossed the threshold and became who she really was. I liked that transition.

The plot was engaging and interesting and fun as always, I love the world Kresley Cole creates, she writes such quirky characters that it’s always a pleasure to read her books. The bad guys are bad and wicked, sure, but then again, so are the good guys!

And goes five huge spoonfuls of this story into my hodgepodge.


4 thoughts on “Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

  1. I loved this one too! The Dacians are a wonderful addition to the After Dark world. 🙂 I’m keeping MacRieve on my ipad for a downer day when I really need a KC pick me up!

    • I know, I really liked those cousins 🙂 So, have you read Macrieve then, and keeping him for a reread? I think that’s an excellent idea 🙂 He’s one of those brooding heroes who is also very sweet and sexy 😉

    • Well, we only have one book so far, I’m hopeful! But you’re right, I just love the original series, in fact I only finished Macrieve yesterday and don’t know how I will even wait for the next one!

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